Successful combine harvesting starts with the right header, after all, you can only process what you actually put into the machine. By fitting a New Holland header, you will unlock your combine’s full harvesting potential. Whether you work on undulating terrain or on wide open prairies that stretch for miles, and if you harvest small grains, rapeseed, maize, soya, flax, beans, grass seed, clover, or even millet, a New Holland header will deliver top drawer performance. In all fields. In all crops. Everywhere.

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Varifeed™ headers

Varifeed™ headers benefit from a full 575mm of knife adjustment for guaranteed harvesting efficiency and correct feeding. What’s more, you can adjust the knife position right from the comfort of the cab.

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High capacity rigid grain headers

For smooth crop guidance to the knife and to the feed auger, the High Capacity header has a large reel diameter and easy reel adjustments.

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Maize headers

Available in both 5 - 8 row flip-up and twelve row ridged variants, the flexible dividers transport more cobs safely into the machine.

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Super-flex headers

Maintain uniform stubble height in uneven fields. How? The header flexes up to 10cm to follow the ground contours perfectly thanks to an exclusive and patented rubber spring floatation system.

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Rigid and Flex Draper headers

Welcome to the world of the world’s largest headers, avaliable from 6.10 to 9.15 metres cutting width. Rigid draper headers are the ideal choice when working in fields which benefit from uniform ground conditions across the entire width of the header. If you want to maintain uniform cutting performance when working in uneven terrain then the flex draper is for you.

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Pick-up headers

If you need to cut your crop and leave it to dry before threshing, you’ll need a pick-up header. Available in 3.65 single belt and the three-belt 4.57 metre configurations, these efficient headers deliver outstanding results.

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