Proven CX features for seamless control

CX5 and CX6 Laterale and Hillside models share the same controls as other models in the CX5 and CX6 combine range. This includes the CommandGrip™ multi-controller and IntelliView™ IV touchscreen monitor. Ease of operation is a key CX feature, enabling the operator to concentrate on the job and not worry about how to get the best from the combine. This is of particular benefit in demanding terrain.

Effortlessly Effortlessly maximising performance
The CommandGrip™ multifunction handle is your right hand harvesting man. All key machine and header parameters can be controlled, including header height, reel position and unloading engagement.

Cruise Control and much more
One of the automatic functions that helps maintain high daily workrates is the Cruise Control: with a simple tap on one of the buttons on the CommandGrip™ handle, the combine resumes a set field speed.

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