Hillside harvesting, the right way

Only New Holland has the heritage of developing combines purpose built to operate safely in extreme terrain. CX5.90 Hillside models continue to set the safety benchmark without compromises in performance or versatility. Just take a look at the CX Hillside slope correction figures - down slopes of up to 10%, up inclines of 30% and across the slope of up to 38%*. These statistics are delivered by solid, proven engineering that levels the combine for both lateral and longitudinal slopes.

* On CX5.90 Hillside wide models, 32% on CX5.90 Hillside narrow models.

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Accurate contour following

The CX5.90 Hillside model levels the header to ensure close contour following. Automatically. This ensures the crop is cut cleanly, with an even feed to the elevator and threshing system and consistent performance, hour after hour.

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Headers from 4.57m to 6.10m

• CX5.90 Hillside model is offered with purpose-designed headers designed for operation in demanding terrain
• Differences over standard headers include double-acting levelling cylinders to automatically angle the header

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Purpose developed elevator

• The front elevator is fitted with an additional third feed roll
• This ensures crop is consistently fed into the drum when the combine is working down a steep slope

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Hydraulic capacity boosted by 40%

• CX5.90 Hillside combine models are fitted with a single, constant flow hydraulic pump, with its own hydraulic tank
• Overall pump output is increased by 40% to ensure rapid selflevelling

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Advanced electronics

Fully independent of the main electronics system, the electronics controlling the Hillside system automatically monitor the level of the combine both laterally and horizontally.

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Hillside width and stability

• Choose the ‘narrow’ 3.50m variant to ease transport logistics
• Choose the ‘wide’ 4.00m versions for added stability to allow operation in the steepest terrain

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Absolute security in the steepest terrain

In-built safety features, such as a pilot valve to protect against sudden hydraulic failure, provide added security.

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