Sustained performance across 18% slopes

For sustained performance in hilly conditions, the CX5.90 and CX6.90 models are available in a “Laterale” version. Even grain distribution for optimum cleaning efficiency and superb gradability and traction ensure genuine CX performance during long working days.

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“Laterale” version maintains capacity on steep slopes

• CX5 and CX6 Laterale models employ a rugged and wellproven system that will automatically keep the combine level across slopes of up to 18%
• Levelling ensures even grain distribution across the sieves for optimum cleaning efficiency with minimal losses

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4WD traction

An optional hydraulically powered rear axle can be specified.

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Choose from full CX header range

• CX5 and CX6 Laterale models can be specified with the full choice of New Holland headers, to include six-row maize units
• The twin hydraulic cylinders on the combine’s faceplate are linked to the lateral cylinders to synchronize the header with the slope

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Hydraulic capacity boosted by 40%

• CX5 and CX6 Laterale combine models are fitted with a single independent hydraulic pump, with its own hydraulic tank
• Overall pump output is increased by 40% to ensure rapid self-levelling

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Electronics with full manual back-up

• CX5 and CX6 Laterale combines are fitted with separate electronics to control the levelling system
• Inclinometers monitor the attitude of the combine to allow full automatic control of the system
• Full manual control can be selected, with a fail-safe hydro-mechanical override if a system failure occurs

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