Ultimate capacity

New Holland knows that throughput is king where forage harvesters are concerned and that owners dream in tonnes per hour.

Superior harvest quality

If you can guarantee unsurpassed harvest quality you’re already half way to getting lucrative silage and biomass contracts in the bag.

Absolute driving pleasure

Skilled forage harvester operators are like gold dust, and when you’ve found one, you’ll want to hang onto them.



Forage harvesting on the largest scale

New Holland has been at the forefront of the forage harvesting sector for over half a century with a whole host of pioneering industry firsts that have revolutionised the way you forage today. Industry leading chopping performance has been married to outstanding operator comfort. Significantly improved capacity and productivity result from better crop flow, which are all wrapped up in a sleek and tapered design which has New Holland written all over it.

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Leading from the front.

The old adage ‘you are what you eat’ has never been more relevant than when talking about beef cattle. In order to produce the finest and most highly prized cattle and top quality dairy herds, the highest quality silage with an exact nutritional profile must be fed. In order to deliver this to your customers, you have to harvest at exactly the right moment. You won’t get a second chance. With the FP grass pick-up you’ll get it right first time, every time.

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Efficient feeding

The header can be equipped with retractable fingers that transfer the crop into the feed rollers. Operations which work in dense crop can choose the auger paddles. Active reel reverse is now standard and when the feeder drum and pick-up auger are reversed, a powered reversing action is automatically applied to the tine reel.

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A width to suit your requirements

Two working widths, which both feature five tine bars, are available to offer tailored harvesting performance. The three metre header is perfect for transport intensive operations, as it does not need to be removed for road transport. The ultrawide 3.8 metre variant easily processes the widest and densest swaths.

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