Perfectly shaped wide swaths or windrows to suit your needs

The full-width swath board and two swath doors allow you to create fast-drying wide swaths, well-shaped, three-foot-wide windrows, or any setting in between. If conditions are right, Wide-Dry conditioners let you choose a fast-drying wide swath or switch quickly to a windrow when conditions change.

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The advantages of spreading crop wide and thin

University tests confirm that the more leaves that are exposed to the sun, the faster crops dry and the more feed value is retained. Quick drying reduces sun bleaching and gives you an advantage when you need to beat the weather and bale or chop before the rain. The WideDry™ conditioning system and swath board wedges spread the crop wide and thin, exposing more crop to the sun and providing faster drying.

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Cleaner cutting with a slower roll speed

Roll conditioning systems generate air movement that can blow lighter crop away from the cutterbar and adversely affect cutting quality. To help prevent this, you can slow roll speed from 750 rpm to 640 rpm by switching the sheaves on the roll drive. The decreased roll speed minimizes air bursts while maintaining cutterbar speed to provide excellent light crop cut quality.

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