Chevron intermeshing rubber rolls

Gentle chevron rubber intermeshing rolls offer maximum versatility. They provide full-stem crimping and cracking with a scrubbing action, while handling leaves of high-value feeds delicately. They’re the ultimate solution for alfalfa and clover.

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Chevron intermeshing steel rolls

Durable chevron steel intermeshing rolls are designed for use with all crops, but show a real advantage in cane-type crops, grain forage crops and extra-tall grass crops. Rugged, allsteel roll construction resists wear, providing long life even in highly abrasive conditions.

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Non-stop, plug-free mowing

Both roll conditioning versions come with the New Holland torsion-bar roll-pressure system for consistent, thorough conditioning. A unique, over-center linkage allows crop slugs or foreign objects to pass without plugging for non-stop mowing. The no-tools-required hand crank makes it easy to tailor roll pressure to the crop without crawling under the machine with wrenches.

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LeaningEdge™ flail tine conditioning

Grass hay producers know that crushing and crimping fine stem grass is a real challenge. For fast drying of coastal and other fine grass, the LeaningEdge flail tine conditioning system available for the Discbine 313 pushes crop against an adjustable hood to scuff wax away. Crop receives even more scuffing action as New Holland flail tines are angled rearward to create more outward crop pressure against the hood. You can adjust the conditioning hood position with a single crank and use the provided crop-conditioning gauge to see the relative hood position.

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