QuickMax™ knife-change system saves time

Time is precious when you’re making hay, and the patented QuickMax™ system allows you to quickly change damaged knives or flip an entire set so you’re back clean-cutting quickly. Because the QuickMax system allows you to change knives with discs at a 45-degree angle to the cutterbar, you can change knives in just one-half rotation of the cutterbar, saving you time compared to traditional bolted knives and other quickchange systems. New Holland knife-lock technology assures knife retention in the most difficult conditions. Best of all, the system does not require the use of special knives; it works with all approved New Holland knives. The QuickMax knife-change system is now standard equipment on all Discbine models.

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Quick in-field knife changes

The tool pries the spring plate down to release the knife from the knife nut, quickly releasing each knife. Flip the existing knife or swap it out for new and check for wear of the knife nut with the integrated gauge on the tool. The QuickMax knife release tool stows on board your machine, so it’s already ready and easily accessed for quick in-field knife changes.

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Saves you time and effort at 45-degrees

Every specialized rock guard provides two locations that accommodate the QuickMax tool. This patented design allows you to change knives by first rotating the discs to a 45-degree angle, exchange the knives, then rotating the cutterbar just one time to expose the remaining knives. Repetitively turning the cutterbar by hand is eliminated, making the process faster and easier. Time to completely exchange the knives can be measured in just seconds!

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Securely held, yet easy to exchange

The special eccentric knife nut forms a notch between the bottom of the disc on the back of each nut where the knife is held. Centrifugal force of the fast turning discs securely holds each knife in the notch. The spring plate helps to ensure the knife remains in-line with the notch securing it in place.

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