Make a clean, 30-foot sweep with the Rolabar® 230

Large commercial operations will appreciate the clean, high-capacity raking performance of the Rolabar® 230 twin basket rake. Using two 12-foot baskets, the Rolabar 230 rakes up to 30 feet of crop into one tidy windrow. It’s ideal for raking the swaths produced by self-propelled windrowers with heads up to 19 feet wide and wide, centerpivot mower-conditioners.

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Each rake bar uses 37 rubber-mounted tines to smoothly move crop to the center, even at high ground speeds. Choose between a sixtine- bar rake basket or the seven-tine-bar basket for added capacity and higher ground speeds.

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Closely follow ground contours

Adjustable spring-mounted front and rear solid-rubber gauge wheels are standard equipment and provide consistent tine height so you are sure to gather all of the crop. Walking beam tandem axles allow the rake to move smoothly over rough ground conditions such as pivot tracks for the cleanest possible raking.

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Superior basket flotation

Responsive flotation is where the Rolabar 230 excels, resulting in cleaner raking and less hay left behind. Since the rake baskets react quickly to varying ground conditions, you put more tonnage in the windrow. Flotation is engaged using a button on the control box. With flotation engaged, the basket raise/lower cylinders can extend and retract as the rake goes over uneven terrain. Unlike some competitive models with baskets that are locked in place, the Rolabar 230 rake baskets float up and over obstacles and uneven ground to rake cleanly and maximize rake tine life. Rake baskets are suspended by adjustable flotation springs to reduce the weight of the baskets on the ground.

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A full range of adjustments

It’s easy to tailor the Rolabar 230 to match field and crop conditions. You can change basket height and pitch with simple turnbuckle adjustments, and the intuitive control box allows you to make changes on the go from the tractor seat. Color-coded buttons are grouped logically by function, and the low 9-gpm hydraulic requirement means you can operate the Rolabar 230 with just about any tractor in your operation.
• Rake on/off
• Flotation on/off
• Basket speed (knob on top of control box)
• Basket raise/lower
• Unfold left/right
• Fold left/right
• Angle out left/right
• Angle in left/right

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Adjust basket speed with the turn of a knob

Simply rotate the knob on the top of the control box to dial in the basket speed to match your ground speed and crop conditions, which reduces leaf shatter and crop losses for maximum forage quality.

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Field to road in no time

Using the red and blue buttons on the control box, the 230 folds to a narrow 10’8 width for convenient maneuvering and confident, fast transport to the next location.

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Easy return to pre-set raking width and angle

Adjustable stop pins on both sides of the Rolabar 230 allow you to easily repeat the same raking width you used previously for consistent raking width from field to field. Likewise, adjustable pin stops allow you to maintain basket angle and consistent windrows when moving from field to field.

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Tine stripper bar tool

A convenient tool is provided as standard equipment to adjust or straighten tine stripper bars if they become bent. The tool is stored in an easily accessible location under the front of the tongue.

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