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FM-1000 Display


New Holland offers a wide range of displays which provide you with 360° PLM information and management. All parameters can be monitored at a glance, including guidance and the most advanced yield and moisture mapping functions. Choose between the FM-750 and the wide screen FM-1000 monitor and XCN-2050 monitors. The fully integrated IntelliView™ displays are colour touchscreen monitors that offer fingertip control of all machine functions, opt for 17.8cm IntelliView™ III, or upgrade to the super-wide screen 26.4cm inch IntelliView™ IV monitor.

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The FM-1000 offers you ultimate performance and reliability with the industry leading dual integrated GPS and GLONASS receivers. It handles the full range of guidance tasks with ease, including steering and also offers fingertip mapping control. You can even choose the level of accuracy required, from 20cm right down to 2.5cm pass-to-pass and year-to-year.

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