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Spray Safely

There are a lot of very good reasons to practice safe spraying. The effective control of chemical drift is not only important to your business, it's also vital to the health of your family. Independent research has shown that Flexi-Coil field sprayers equipped with windscreens greatly reduce chemical drift. That translates into an improved workplace for you and a cleaner, safer environment for your family and neighbors.

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The Flexi-Coil Advantage

Flexi-Coil sprayers deliver penny-pinching accuracy. Over the years we’ve perfected a lot of ways to make spraying easier and more precise. From our unique windscreen that reduces drift by 86% to auto-rate control that adjusts applications rates as you drive, we make sure every cent of your chemical investment is well spent.

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68 Series Sprayers

Spray where you want—even in rough conditions—with an accurate and rugged Flexi-Coil field sprayer. Flexi-Coil field sprayers are available with suspended or wheel boom in tank sizes of 1,000 gallons (68) or 1,600 gallons (68XL).

    Suspended boom models feature:
  • High clearance, suspended boom.
  • 80-, 90-, 100-ft. widths (68 and 68XL).
  • 120- and 134-ft. widths (68XL).
  • Innovative suspension with parallel link design for stability and accuracy.
  • Joystick for in-cab control of boom lift, tilt, transport fold, and foam marker.
  • Outer breakaway boom impact release.
  • Polypropylene spray boom.
  • Optional foam marker.

    Wheel boom models feature:
  • 80- to 134-ft. widths (68XL).
  • In-cab, auto-fold from field to narrow transport position.
  • Large bore automotive-style shock absorbers on the boom wheels that provide a smooth ride for the rugged 5- x 5-in. booms.
  • Large-diameter boom wheels with heavy-duty hubs and spindles for long life.
  • Boom breakaway system for impact protection.
  • Available foam or disc-style end markers.
  • PVC or dry booms.

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Performance Plumbing

With one location for all your valves, you know your settings at a glance. Ball valves ensure a reliable seal when shut off and unrestricted flow when open. Valve manifold system simplifies control of the plumbing and makes for easy drainage.

Flange-style fittings offer a positive seal for the in-line valve arrangement, improving flow efficiency and output.

Choose from a selection of hydraulic or PTO pumps to match your tractor and output requirements.

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Optional windscreen controls drift to keep spray on target. Independent tests* show that the perforated design of a Flexi-Coil windscreen reduces drift by 86% over open boom sprayers. It offers excellent protection from the wind, yet allows enough airflow to reduce turbulence. The solid bottom section protects the spray pattern at its most vulnerable point, and the open top allows easy and safe access to nozzles and tips. The result is a uniform spray pattern in varied wind conditions.

Rugged construction allows the windscreen to bend out of the way and return to its original shape—and the plastic material will not corrode. A full range of tips and nozzle bodies is available for PVC or dry booms.

*Independent tests performed by the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Centre (AFMRC) in Lethbridge, Alberta, Conditions: 10 mph and 20 mph wind speed. 40 PSI pressure, XR 8002 tips and a wheel-boom height of 18 inches.

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Rate Controls

Flexi-Coil offers a choice of electronic sprayer control systems to match your needs. Each system is easy to use and features reliable, watertight connections with high quality wiring.

FlexControl® III or FlexControl® Plus III keeps you informed, with readouts of rate, flow and volume applied and can be used with air carts and in other Precision Agriculture applications.

A multi-switch controller offers in-cab control of boom solenoids and pressure settings.

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Induction Tank

Proper mixing is essential for chemicals to be effective. A Flexi-Coil induction tank easily handles chemicals in liquid, dry, dissolvable packets or gel packs. Powerful suction pulls chemical from the induction tank into the induction plumbing where it is quickly mixed with water and air before reaching the main tank. At the main tank, the mixture is directed across the bottom of the sprayer tank and bubbles upward.

Adding and mixing chemicals is safer and easier thanks to the induction tank's ground level location.

A rinse nozzle inside the induction tank cleans out liquid chemical containers to get every drop of your investment. Just set the container opening over the nozzle and press down to rinse out the container.

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Safety and Value

A large sight gauge lets you see tank levels at a glance.

Optional wash wand allows you to clean the sprayer in the field, away from the yard, and the optional rinse tank can hold plenty of fresh water for rinsing the tank or washing the sprayer with the wand.

Foam end markers are available for 68 Series sprayers. The foam marker features intermittent and stream settings, with simple on/off, left/right controls in the cab.

Access to the large, hinged tank lids is safe and unrestricted.

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