Coil Packing

Coil packing has proven to be an effective seedbed management tool on millions of acres worldwide. When soil is packed around seed, moisture moves more easily into the seedbed, creating an ideal environment for germination. Seeds germinate at the same time for even emergence. And, dense soil also provides a better environment for root development. Use a coil packer during seedbed preparation or after seeding.

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The Flexi-Coil Advantage

  • Flexi-Coil packers are made from 1 1/2 or 1 3/4-inch steel, cold-rolled by a process that was invented by Flexi-Coil fifty years ago. The coils are heavy—100 pounds per foot for 1 1/2-inch stock and 130 pounds per foot for 1 3/4-inch stock. Coils are also flexible so they absorb shock while shedding dirt or mud.

  • A V-profile distributes packing force evenly across the width of the packer. The sides of the V-profile apply most of the force on an angle to balance the direct force at the point. Just under the soil surface, the result is a uniform seed environment across the width of the packer, with each seed gaining access to optimum nutrients and moisture. On the top layer, unbroken clods remain between the coils to prevent wind erosion and water run-off.

  • Unique herringbone pattern helps control wind and water erosion.

  • For better flotation in loose soils, hollow tube coils can be inserted into the 1 1/2-inch coils. This option also helps press rocks down more effectively, where a smooth surface is required.

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75 Packer Bar

Use the 75 Packer Bar before seeding for seedbed preparation or after to promote faster germination. With widths from 25 to 62 feet, you can match a size to your seeding tool or just pack alone.

A hydraulic lift raises the packers completely off the ground and places the wings in a safe, over-center position. To transport, just wing-up andbe on your way.

ASAE 279.11 transport lighting is standard. Options include a packer extension bracket, hydraulic hose tee, hollow coil inserts, track eradicators and a pressure spring.

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