Match Tough Conditions

Tillage requires durability, accurate depth control and high residue clearance to match the toughest conditions. Whether tillage practices are for incorporating residues, fertilizers, seed bed preparation or weed control, a range of features and configurations are needed to meet the specific applications of individual producers.

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The Flexi-Coil Advantage

Pound for pound, Flexi-Coil tillage is the toughest. With rugged construction, heavy 4- x 4- x ¼-inch steel tubing and dependable single cylinder depth control there’s no more reliable way to work your land. For toughness combined with land-following ability, get the ST820 Precision Tillage with a flexible frame.

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The ST820 defines precision tillage. A rugged, flexible frame allows the ST820 to follow the ground for depth accuracy, while heavyweight construction helps it penetrate the hardest soil. Add an optional air distribution package, team it with an air cart, and the ST820 can place seed accurately in uneven ground or high residue.

The ST820 offers unmatched crop residue clearance in all configurations. A 32-inch frame height and well-placed shank patterns help crop residue flow through cleanly. Wheels placed well to the rear also help clear trash. Wheels, hubs and tires are heavy-duty.

Over-center wing fold allows for safe transport without getting out of the cab to place locking pins.

A heavy mounted harrow is now available for all sizes of the ST820 precision tillage, all the way up to 62 feet. Sturdy ¼-inch by 22-inch harrow tines break up lumps in heavy clay. Heavy trash is no problem for the heavy mounted harrow.

Optional equipment includes:

  • Mud scrapers
  • Mounted press wheels
  • Anhydrous hitch
  • Optical flow sensor
  • Shank furrow closer
  • Mounted press wheel scrapers
  • End marker
  • Extensions
  • Work switch
  • Rigid mount tillage hitch
  • Mounted harrows
  • NH3 controller

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The ST820 center section and wings are constructed with diagonal hinge lines, allowing the frame to follow contours of hills, ravines and washouts, and maintain the depth you choose. Durable, high-density polyurethane discs cushion the frame and absorb movement as the machine flexes.

The ST820 responds to changing contours instead of stressing frame members and welds—and the result is a longer-lasting frame. A floating hitch gives improved front-to-back, land-following capability.

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Depth Control

Single cylinder depth control provides accuracy, reliability and low maintenance. A mechanical linkage translates the hydraulic lift to the walking axles so the depth stays the same across the machine. Depth for the entire machine is set at a single point. Parallel lift between the front casters and the rear walking beams keeps the frame level, whatever the working depth.

Superior flotation provides stability in field and transport positions. Walking beams are placed well to the rear of the machine for consistent depth control, residue clearance and balance while in transport.

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