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Celebrating 120 years: See how our past is shaping our future

New Holland’s founder, Abe Zimmerman, was focused on creating machines that would make farmers’ lives easier and the business of farming more efficient. He was among the first to bring power to the fields with his portable engine. Today, New Holland continues with a food and fuel approach by providing the equipment that harvests crops for the table and for renewable biomass fuels.

-Abe Hughes, Vice President, New Holland North America

By 1905, Abe Zimmerman realized that both people and power were needed in the fields to make farming more efficient. The era of the automobile had begun, and New Holland joined the movement by producing mobile platforms that could be used to transport large, stationary engines around a farm.

Today, finding new ways to find power in the fields is still one of New Holland’s top priorities. That goal takes shape in New Holland’s commitment to biomass technologies that help farmers find additional profit avenues for their crops and residue.

Since 2006, New Holland has been established as the Clean Energy Leader for its promotion and development of renewable fuels, sustainable agricultural technology and emissions reduction systems like the hydrogen-powered tractor in the video. Together with biomass technology, these advancements ensure that energy will be on tap today, tomorrow and for many generations to come.

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