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New Holland Celebrates 12 Decades of Innovation

​​​​​New Holland was birthed out of the entrepreneurial spirit –
the spirit of innovation and leadership that generates new ideas, new products and new business processes. This month, we look back at the decade spanning 1986 to 1995.​​

A new era for New Holland began in 1986 when Ford, one of the world’s major tractor manufacturers, acquired Sperry New Holland, the largest hay tools manufacturer, to create Ford New Holland Inc. This merger brought together a family of offerings and introduced Blue into the New Holland brand. In 1991, Fiat acquired Ford New Holland Inc., merged it with Fiat Geotech, and called the new company New Holland Geotech. The merger provided New Holland Geotech with stability and global reach.

In 1993, New Holland Geotech set a new standard for tractor development with the launch of its Genesis series high horsepower tractors. Redefining what it meant to be “best in class”, the Genesis series offered improved engine efficiency, more torque, increased hydraulic flow, SuperSteer™ sharp turning and the highest lift capacity available for its time. Using direct customer feedback to shape its development, the Genesis was also the first tractor to offer a hood that flipped up, providing engine visibility for quick serviceability that dramatically reduced downtime.

​ Then, in 1994, The New Holland brand as we know it today was launched.

Acquisitions have provided New Holland the growth and diversity necessary to meet changing market demands. Today, Blue tractors are offered from compact to highest horsepower 4 wheel drives with a model to suit a wide variety of customer needs. For example, our T6 Series tractors offer a horsepower range suitable for almost any farm or municipal need. New Holland extended the wheelbase of every T6 Series model to a full 104 inches for the standard front wheel drive axle, delivering better traction and a smoother ride. While a long wheelbase doesn’t usually offer tight turn ratios, the new T6 Series tractors give you both. This added maneuverability makes a difference when working with a loader and when turning at the headland.

Our exclusive Horizon™ cab with Comfort Ride suspension offers improved operator comfort and broad visibility. Tractors equipped with a Tier 4B HI-eSCR engine also boast a new hood design with the New Holland family styling and offer better lighting and engine cooling to help customers be more productive.

New Holland T6 and T7 Series tractors come equipped with Auto Command™​ transmissions that optimize fuel efficiency, power and torque by optimizing for transmission speed and engine RPM. For farmers that like a little more style to their ride, both Series offer a Blue Power Edition featuring midnight blue and silver accents and a carpeted and leather interior.

​ Our T8 and T9 Series offer even more horsepower for large acreage farms or crops that require larger implements. The GENESIS® T8 was launched recently to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the introduction of the Genesis tractor and New Holland’s rich history of product innovation.

“120 years is about understanding what our customers want and need, rolling up our sleeves, and combining customer insights with our expertise to drive innovation. Our current tractor line up is the best we’ve ever had and offers more features that allow our customers to do more. There’s something for everyone,” says Gary Wojcik, Brand Marketing Manager. For example, Bill Jordan, CEO of RealTree, relies on New Holland equipment to maintain his 5,000 acre farm. When you make the most effective camouflage patterns in the world, you choose equipment with standards as high as your own. See more at:

Customer feedback and technology continue to enable New Holland to raise the bar on innovation. Recent improvements in ISOBUS compatibility enable implements to control tractors and pave the way for a future where tractors can drive themselves. Precision Land Management tools, once viewed as add-on gadgets, will soon become the industry standard. Improvements in data, mapping and connectivity between implements, tractors and third party specialists will create a precision farming system that will allow farmers to reduce overall inputs and produce more while being good stewards of the land.

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