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New Holland Agriculture Extends New Features to Entire Line-up of BigBaler Series Large Square Balers

New Holland, Pa. (August 29, 2017) – On the heels of the BigBaler 340 PLUS release in 2016, New Holland Agriculture, the proven leader of haytools, is pleased to introduce a full line of BigBaler Plus balers into its comprehensive product portfolio. The newly-unveiled BigBaler Plus line-up features enhancements that will take baling to a new level of productivity and efficiency and includes higher density capabilities and durability for the BigBaler 230 and 330.

“Our customers told us they wanted to increase bale density in order to maximize trailer and storage density and reduce the number of bales they needed to handle, thereby improving efficiencies and profitability. To deliver the ultimate baling performance, the BigBaler Plus series large square balers provide more consistent bale density and productivity of the highest capacity,” said Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “The new Bigbaler Plus models increase density by 10%, which mean there are 10% fewer truck loads from the field, 10% less time bale handling time and 10% less storage space needed.”

“In addition, the latest BigBaler Plus large square balers are engineered to deliver consistent bale weight and density,” said Daniel Valen, Director of Product Marketing for New Holland North America. “We were able to align the density and efficiency requirements of operators with maximum trucking capacity. That means we expect to see both lower cost-per-bale when compared to balers with lower density capability and lower transportation costs compared to ultra-high density balers.”

The extended bale chamber allows for softer bale drop for less risk of twine popping in the heat of the day, ensuring farmers can operate the knotter at closer to twine knot strength without twine breakage so perfectly shaped bales stay that way.

The BigBaler Plus balers are equipped with the MaxiSweep pickup and increased plunger strokes per minute which contributes to maximizing speed and the ability to create dense, well-shaped bales at up to 110 bales/hour. With a choice of crop processing models and standard models, both full and partial bale chamber ejection and tire/axle combinations for any terrain, the BigBaler Plus series ensures outstanding performance in any crop.

The BigBaler Plus Series update offers an impressive bale shape, higher productivity due to less risk of twine snapping, gentler bale drop due to an extended bale chamber, increased operator efficiency with more LED illumination and better, easier maintenance access.

The balers are complete with a 31.5 longer bale chamber to create well-shaped bales that are up to 10% denser than previous “non-Plus” models, and maintain more consistent bale density throughout the day. With higher bale density comes fewer bales, helping farmers reduce handling, storage and transportation costs.

A more rugged frame and chassis houses the new extended bale chamber and larger service platform. A new heavy-duty, high-wear rotor option is available to handle abrasive crops and demanding biomass operations.

BigBaler Plus large square bales equipped with IntelliCruise™ ISOBUS Class III technology enables operators to work up to 10% more efficiently thanks to the tractor-baler automation system that allows even novice operators to run the baler well. IntelliCruise controls the tractor’s ground speed to optimize the rate at which the crop enters the baler to maintain a constant feed rate. It can be run in two modes: Charge Control adjusts the tractor’s speed to meet optimum capacity, measuring the throughput of the crop and the time needed to fill the pre-charge chamber; Slice Control adjusts the tractor’s speed according to desired slice thickness, creating the number of slices as defined by the operator.

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