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New Holland Agriculture Expands Product Lineup Following Kongskilde Industries Acquisition

New Holland, Pa. (August 29, 2017) – Following the acquisition of Kongskilde Industries on Feb. 1, 2017, part of the Danish Group Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab (DLG A.m.b.A.), New Holland Agriculture is expanding its product offering with Kongskilde Tillage models including 9200 Series vertical tillage, 8200 Series field cultivator, 800 Series field cultivator, and the Stonebear Series stone collector.

“We are pleased to expand our product offering to include state-of-the-art Kongskilde tillage and hay and forage equipment to meet the various needs of farmers,” said Doug Otto, Special Projects Manager for New Holland Agriculture. “Each of the newly available implements are equipped with heavy-duty frames and the capability to maneuver in even the toughest conditions in order to get the job done with ease.”

Kongskilde 9200 Series Vertical Tillage System
The new evolution of Kongskilde’s toughest tillage system penetrates the hardest, driest soils, providing powerful single-pass soil prep for any season. The 9200 can cut through trash in one pass courtesy of its five-way adjustable gang angle, making it ideal for both spring and fall tillage. It works most soil types 1” to 5” deep without extra weights so soil can be mixed with cut residue. The 9200 Vertical Tillage features the industry’s most robust framework to ensure penetration in even the toughest residue and is available in three new narrow and three standard frame sizes.

Kongskilde Vibro-Till 8200 Field Cultivator
The Vibro-Till 8200 offers operators vigorous power for first-pass tillage and shreds through heavy reside to create an ideal seedbed. It delivers the industry’s highest holding power with six rows of Kongskilde’s signature S-tines that can move back 7 inches before tripping. Paired with a tough 4” x 4” frame and 6 types of harrows, operators have the flexibility to work in heavy clay or light sand at any depth. The 8200 sets competitive tillage offerings apart with an industry-leading 24 inches of clearance.

800 Series Field Cultivator

Put this reliable machine to work in your fields and enjoy the benefits of even germination. The 800 Series field cultivator is equipped with a special indented frame design for extra strength in add-on sections, and features a hard working double spiral roller and Kongskilde signature S-tines to cultivate efficiently.

Stonebear Series Stone Collector
The Stonebear Series eliminates manual removal of stones to save valuable time by raking and collecting stones up to 12 inches in diameter in one operation. The Stonebear rakes are designed to follow the contours of uneven fields with stones. The rakes rotate in the opposite direction of forward travel, and heavy-duty spikes help draw the stones to the center of machine and into the sieve, where small stones and dirt are filtered back onto the ground. When the storage hopper is full, a hydraulic dumping system allows for easy unloading into a trailer or truck, or onto a pile in the corner of a field. The Stonebear’s solid structure was built for a long and productive working life.

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