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New Holland Launches Precision Automatic Hay Preservative Application System for Large Square Balers

​​​New Holland announces the all-new on-baler CropEWSTM ElectroMagnetic Wave Sensor system for large square balers. Designed to provide a more accurate placement for preservative application, CropEWS allows hay producers to precisely and instantaneously read moisture levels and apply the exact amount of preservative needed in real-time during baling operations.

The most accurate and efficient crop preservative application system in the industry, CropEWS positions its sensors close to the pick-up head where preservative is applied, and reads moisture levels across individual flakes through the pre-compression chamber, eliminating lag time. Moisture readings — accurate within +/- 1 point — can be displayed through the baler’s ISOBUS or producer’s iPad.

“Knowing the moisture levels and efficiently managing preservative application is critical to an operation’s profitability,” explains to Jared Wills, Segment Marketing Manager, Parts & Service New Holland. “Too little moisture will reduce the overall yield quality, while too much can lead to production loss as well as health risks to livestock. CropEWS on-baler ElectroMagnetic Wave Sensors offer the most accurate automatic hay preservative application solution for today’s producers.”

CropEWS integrates with the latest automatic preservative applicators, allowing the operator to choose between input from the electromagnetic wave sensors and the star wheel sensor on the applicator, and switch between the two effortlessly. This new technology is compatible with other precision hay harvesting systems, including the CropRFV™ System, CropRFV Dye Marker Kit and the CropID™ Tagger. Upgrade kits are available through New Holland Agriculture dealers for New Holland BigBalers and most other brands of large square balers with preservative applicators.​

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