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New Holland Pushes Operational Performance to a New Level at 2018 Farm Progress Show

What’s new for cash crop producers at Farm Progress Show

• CR7.90 Revelation combine with IntelliSense™ system
• Guardian™ SP370F sprayer with NutraBoss split-application side-dressing
• P2082 double shoot disk drill
• Kongskilde 9200 Series vertical tillage tools

New Holland will be featuring advanced systems that push operational performance to a new level for cash crop producers at Booth #1048 at the 2018 Farm Progress Show, Aug. 28-30, in Boone, Iowa. A Twin Rotor® combine with a new, proactive precision farming advancement, IntelliSense™ is among the new technologies on display.

“Maximizing uptime, grain quality and yields, while minimizing losses, is what drives cash crop profits,” says Luiz Miotto, New Holland Combine Product Marketing Manager. “The CR7.90 Revelation combine with IntelliSense™ delivers in all those areas.”

IntelliSense is a proactive, automatic combine setting system that addresses an operator’s biggest challenge: how to maintain maximum throughput while keeping losses and damaged grain to a minimum. With an industry-first cleaning shoe pressure sensor, this new feature delivers important productivity advantages, such as increased daily output, reduced grain loss and improved grain quality.

With IntelliSense, the operator can choose from four strategies: Limited Loss, Best Grain Quality, Maximum Capacity or Fixed Throughput. The patented cleaning shoe sensors provide very precise measurements of the load, and based on this data the combine will proactively and constantly adapt Twin Rotor speed and vane angle, fan speed, and the opening of pre-sieve, upper and lower sieve to automatically deliver the desired result. The patented automatic rotor vane adjustment improves the rotor’s power efficiency without impacting the threshing and separation settings, resulting in greater fuel savings and performance.

Testing has shown that throughout the course of a long harvesting day, IntelliSense technology delivers superior productivity. The system checks every 20 seconds and will select the best course of action out of 280 million possibilities. By constantly adjusting the combine settings during the entire day, the system can enable an experienced driver to increase daily productivity by up to 10 percent and can go even further helping a novice to reach up to 20 percent more output.

Spray and save
With a New Holland Guardian™ sprayer, producers can spray later into the growing season, easily maneuver at the headlands, and make on-the-go adjustments quickly and easily — all from the comfort of a new cab specifically designed for the Guardian sprayer.

FPT engines now power the entire line of Guardian sprayers. The SP370F and SP410F front-boom sprayers come equipped with a Cursor 9 FPT engine. Ground drive performance has been improved and made smoother with more aggressive traction control. This traction control can be turned off when encountering challenging conditions. This fall the Guardian sprayer joins the list of New Holland products that utilize the award-winning IntelliTurn™ (Automatic End of Row Turning). This feature calculates and executes the turns at the end of the field in conjunction with the sprayers IntelliSteer, allowing the operator to focus more closely on the application.

A Guardian sprayer can be equipped with a NutraBoss fertilizer placement system, an easy-on, easy-off, lightweight and flexible solution that meets late-stage nitrogen application needs. This accurate dual fertilizer application saves time and minimizes costs by evenly side-dressing nutrients near the root zone of any row crop plant based upon the concept of the 4Rs of Nutrient Stewardship: right source, right rate, right time, right place.

All the tools you need
“Crops need to start out with the best seedbed. Then they need precise seeding to get the best seed-to-soil contact possible for maximum yields and profit,” says Don Keller, New Holland Crop Production Product Marketing Manager.

Kongskilde’s 9200 Series vertical tillage tools can open up the soil in the spring and also penetrate hard, dry soils and crop residue in the fall. This allows primary and secondary tillage in all soils and residues. With seven models that have working widths from 11 feet to 43 feet, the 9200 Series tillage tools work one- to five-inches deep in most soil types with one pass and no extra weights. A wide range of adjustments, from zero to 16 degrees in four-degree increments, allows operators to adjust the angle to fit their needs, from vertical tillage to almost disc effect.

With the New Holland P2082 double shoot disk drill, seeds are precisely placed by the cushioned side band knife (one inch above and one inch to the side of the fertilizer), reducing the chance of fertilizer burn. “When the seed germinates, the fertilizer is in place to feed the young plant. The result is equal and even emergence,” says Keller. A new packer wheel catches and gathers soil close to the trench to ensure the optimal seed-to-soil contact needed for early emergence. The drill features a larger 18-inch gauge wheel that provides excellent depth control for precise seed placement. It’s available in 10-inch row spacing at widths of 30, 40, 50 and 60 feet.

“New Holland is committed to providing the right tools to help cash crop producers improve their bottom line and the suite of Precision Land Management (PLM™) products deliver on that commitment,” says Luke Zerby, PLM Product Marketing Manager. All New Holland’s Cash Crop flagship vehicles are available factory-fit with New Holland’s IntelliSteer™ auto-guidance system. Combines can also be ordered with real-time yield and moisture monitoring integrated into the machines. Combines can use corn heads with automatic row guidance to keep the CR Series combine perfectly on the row or they can use the regular IntelliSteer system. IntelliSteer is also available on New Holland tractors, and sprayers. For operators running several machines in the same field that use a FieldView Drive, they can now share AB lines between two units running an IntelliView IV through the FieldView Drive. This is a CNH Industrial exclusive, allowing customers to better streamline their operations.

PLM™ Connect, New Holland’s telematics factory-fit offering on all its Cash Crop machinery ensures that producers are able to connect to their combines, sprayers and other equipment from the comfort of their office or on-the-go with a mobile device. They can send and receive real-time information that saves time and enhances productivity. They can also share that information remotely with a trusted third-party without having to download it to a USB drive.

“Many sources are supplying data,” says Zerby. “The challenge is what you can do with what you have collected so that the value of this data is fully utilized. That is why it is important that we can quickly, easily and securely move data around. Whether you are sharing this between machines, back and forth to the home office, or with a trusted third-party service like the local co-op or agronomist. New Holland understands the value that accurate and timely data can have to our customers and we are continuing to add value for our customers through our API partnerships and customer-facing portals.”

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