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New Holland CX8 series increases capacity and delivers super-sized productivity

​New Holland Agriculture has announced a variety of improvements that boost the productivity of its CX8 Super Conventional 2020 series. These enhancements include the Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum, improved Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab and residue management performance as well as Stage V compliance with fuel efficient ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology.

The Agritechnica Silver Medal award-winning CX threshing system with new Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum improves threshing performance and increases the already impressive capacity of the combine. New controls enable the operator to manage the rotary separator and sieve opening from the cab, as well as chop or swath selection. Added to the industry-leading Opti-Speed™ auto-adaptive variable speed strawwalkers, SmartTrax™, Opti-Fan™, Opti-Clean™ and Opti-Spread™ technologies, the new features further enhance the combine’s productivity. Following the CR Revelation Series, on the CX8 2020 series the color of the grain tank has also changed to yellow to improve visibility from the cab, making it easier for the operator to check grain quality. The Harvest Suite™ Ultra cab now combines ultimate harvesting comfort and ergonomics with a new automotive-inspired interior featuring a modern dark grey color scheme.

Luiz Miotto, Marketing Manager for Combines in North America, commented: “The CX8 Series delivers great crop-to-crop flexibility, excellent straw quality and best-in-class total cost of ownership. With the latest improvements, we have further increased its capacity, raising its high performance even further.”

Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum increases capacity and fuel economy
The CX8 series features New Holland’s four-drum threshing system with a 29.5-inche (750 mm) drum diameter, which threshes gently and thoroughly, preserving high straw quality. New Holland is now further enhancing the CX8 series threshing performance with the new, optional staggered drum, which features offset rasp bars on the sectional drum. They are suitable for all small grains and can be configured for corn. The Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum design achieves a smoother crop flow that results in lower in-cab noise and reduces blockages. It uses 16% less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption. This new feature increases the combine’s capacity by as much as 10%.

New Holland also offers a new low-speed drum kit for those operations where grain quality is paramount. This feature enables the operator to reduce the drum speed for an even lower instance of grain damage.

Improved in-cab controls enhance productivity
New Holland has added in-cab controls to improve the operator’s productivity. The sieve and pre-sieve are now remotely adjustable, on the go, from the comfort of the cab. The distance between the rotary separator and the concave of the Multi-Thresh™ system can now be controlled remotely from the cab. In addition, the pivoting spout is controlled via the CommandGrip™ multifunction handle, which enables the operator to direct the crop with precision to achieve uniform trailer filling.

Residue management performance improved with patented twin-disc spreader
The CX8 features a new patented air-based distribution system for the twin-disc chaff spreader, which spreads the chaff across the full width of the header. The operator can control the speed of the spreader from the cab in response to crop or weather conditions, and switch between chopping and swathing at the touch of a button.

Stage V compliance with fuel efficient proven ECOBlue™ technology
New Holland is introducing its industry-leading ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology on the CX8 series to comply with Stage V emissions standards. This solution achieves the reduction in emissions while maintaining the excellent fuel efficiency of the previous models. The maintenance-free HI-eSCR2 after-treatment system developed by FPT Industrial minimizes operating costs and offers the added advantages of a compact size, lack of EGR and simple layout.

For more information on New Holland combines, please visit the company's website.

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