The FR’s compact design and impressive 55° steering angle give it a turning circle of only 20’. This means smaller headlands for less time turning and more time harvesting. The tapered rear design and short overhang ensures the FR follows its rear wheels closely, making maneuvering and parking easier and safer.

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The 4WD option on the Forage Cruiser® line is a fully mechanical New Holland exclusive—and very similar in design to the one used on FWA tractors. It is powered from the central gearbox by a driveshaft, and is engaged via a hydraulic clutch from the cab. The highly efficient mechanical system offers superior durability, lower complexity, and better pulling performance when compared to the hydrostatic assist systems used on other choppers. The FR can power through even the harshest conditions without risk of stalling or sticking.

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The FR’s ultra-long 126” wheelbase ensures ultimate stability in the field and on the road. The low rearward placement of the engine provides lots of effective counterweight to improve stability on hills and during transport. Up to four weight slabs can be added under the bumper to better balance large corn heads if needed. High ground clearance, up to 5.5” more than the competition, reduces grounding and dragging when working in muddy field conditions. Standard differential lock helps to keep you going in really tough wet spots.

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Two-wheel drive FR units feature a heavy-duty, adjustable steering axle. The double box walled design allows tread width adjustments from 104” to 134” in 6” increments to match row widths if desired.

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The FR can be specified with three drive tire choices to suit your individual needs. High-quality Michelin tires are available in 710/75R34 or 900/60R32 sizes. The large in-field footprint provides good load capacity, low compaction, and enhanced traction. Dual drive tires can also be fitted— the 520/84R42 size means great traction and stability with improved floatation.

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