Press & go hydrostatic transmission

All models in the range are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions, you just press the accelerator and go, smoothly and without fuss. Maximum road speed is 21 MPH when the optional High Travel Speed is specified, more than fast enough to get from A to B around the farm. With the inching & brake pedal, more power can be diverted to the loaders hydraulics without disconnecting the drive, while maintaining a constant engine rpm, useful in manure handling for example. A creep speed option is also available on all models except the W50C, whereby the travel speed can be set and adjusted in the 3 MPH, useful for snow and other slow actions.

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• The Inch & Brake pedal progressively disengages the transmission in the decelerating phase while progressively engaging the brakes
• Fine control of the machine is achieved at low speeds
• With the same precision you can accomplish every task with the all-in-one joystick with flow memory button
• The 3rd or 4th functions are proportionally controlled

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Powerful hydraulics

• On the two smallest models there is a 67l/min pump running at 2500rpm
• On the larger two models there is a choice of the standard 85l/min pump or the High Flow pump producing 130l/min
• On all models the pump powers both the hydraulics and the steering, and for safety, there is a priority valve to favor the steering demand

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Minimum speed, maximum flow

• The High Flow option comes with the new Creep Speed, which provides maximum hydraulic flow at constant speed in the 0 to 5.5km/h range
• Front electrical socket and Return De-pressurized drain complete the package

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Short Turning Radius

The new compact wheel loader range features a steering angle of 40° to each side, fully hydraulic center pivot steering, emergency steering function and the front and rear wheels follow the same track

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Excellent stability

• The rear axle on the C series oscillates to a total angle of 20 degrees, improving both safety and stability
• Compared to a machine with an oscillating center pivot, rear axle oscillation gives operators better perception of the machines stability
• The Glide-Ride system, self activated only when needed over 5.5km/h, prevents arm bouncing

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Differential choice

There are 2 differential configurations:
• Limited slip front and rear (all models)
• Open with 100% lock on front and rear differentials (W70C - W80C)

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