Genesis™ T8 tractors are valued partners in a wide variety of applications.

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Genesis™ T8 tractors help you to achieve unprecedented efficiency during field work. When working with PTO applications like large square balers and manure spreaders, Genesis™ T8 Engine Power Management provides a controlled response to increased loads, directing more power to the PTO when needed to help get through tough spots. The Intelliview™ III monitor gives you maximum control by making it easy to adjust remote flows and timers, and to add and monitor up to three cameras.

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The supreme smoothness of Genesis™ T8 tractors, resulting from the long wheelbase as well as superior cab suspension and optional suspended axle, means you will move between jobs with incredible speed. The fixed front axle reduces steering wander for improved safety. Engine braking reduces wear on brake pads and reduces brake fade on long downhill runs, so you can haul heavy loads with confidence.

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You’ll increase your haymaking efficiency during haymaking, and the Auto PTO feature protects drivelines, and can be adjusted to turn on and off at different heights. A new proportional PTO valve provides soft starts on high inertia equipment, protecting both tractor and implement from failure. The Custom Headland Management system simplifies the repetitive functions of mowing and other haymaking activities. You can insert pauses into the sequence of memorized tasks and reply them at the end of each pass with the push of a button. And, don’t forget how the integrated front three-point hitch and PTO make T8 tractors an ideal match for mega cutter

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An impressive turning radius makes T8 tractors ideal row-crop tractors. The front three-point hitch makes it easy to add ballast when needed or to handle front fertilizer tanks, or to operate hydraulic motors. The New Holland hydraulic system gives you precise control for sensitive implements, and the MegaFlow™ option provides a split-circuit advantage that other tractors do not offer. New Holland’s extensive row-crop lighting packages allow you to work the rows no matter what the hour.

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