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It’s important to have a tractor with powerful and precise hydraulics to ensure that you do a quality job. An open center system with tandem gear pumps is featured on all T5 series tractors. These two pumps work independently, one powering the high pressure circuit (implement pump) and the other powering the low pressure circuit (steering).

The implement pump on T5 tractors has a flow of 17.2 gallons per minute (gpm) 65.1 liters per minute (l/min) and the steering pump has a flow of 10 gpm (38 l/min). Together these two provide 27.2 gpm (103.1 l/min) of flow. A larger implement pump can be installed, boosting flow to 22.2 gpm (84 l/min). Additionally, a larger steering and services pump with 11.4 gpm (43 l/min) can be installed as well, combining total flow with the optional larger pump to an impressive total of 33.6 gpm (127.1 l/min).

Two closed center rear remotes with quick release couplers are standard, but all T5 tractors can be equipped with three remotes as an option.

Two mid-mount valves are also optional for you to choose from. The first option is a two-function mid-mount valve and joystick with one switch. The other option is an electrohydraulic, load-sensing, mid-mount valve that is controlled by the unique armrest-mounted electronic joystick.

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Measured at the ball ends, the rear linkage on a T5 tractor is capable of lifting 6,393 lbs. (2,900 kg.). For those who demand more lift capacity, two additional 50mm auxiliary lift rams can provide an outstanding 10,452 (4741) of lift.

To control the three-point hitch, an ergonomic mouse is located within easy reach of the operator’s right hand. This mouse is an acclaimed New Holland design for one-handed operation. For instance, a convenient fast link lower button makes returning an implement back to work even easier, helping to speed up your productivity. Rear fender controls are also standard on all T5 tractors, saving you the hassle of having to climbing on and off the tractor when hooking up implements.

A front three-point hitch with and without PTO is also available to increase your tractor’s versatility even more.

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New Holland’s renowned Terralock™ solution is simple to set-up and operate. Once engaged, the system automatically controls four-wheel drive and differential lock engagement through continuous dialogue between speed sensors, the brake pedal, and rear linkage. When making tight turns, like on headlands, the system will automatically disengage. With the wheels free to turn and not locked together, the “scrubbing” effect on tires is eliminated.

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You’ll never think about engaging PTO implements the same way after equipping your T5 Electro Command™ model with the optional Auto PTO feature. After engaging the feature, the system automatically disengages the PTO on your 3-point-mounted implement when it reaches a predefined distance from the ground. When your implement returns to the pre-set threshold, it automatically reengages.

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