Make every inch a profit center with Precision Land Management™

New Holland is committed to providing the right tools to help you improve your bottom line and PLM™ delivers on that commitment. By reducing in-field passes, considerable fuel savings can be achieved, which consequently reduce your farm’s carbon footprint. If you are ready to start saving time and money, work more comfortably, and get more out of every season with precision farming, New Holland Precision Land Management is ready to be your partner.

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Guidance Solutions

New Holland IntelliSteer™

Factory fit on your T9 tractor. IntelliSteer™ auto guidance allows you to make fewer passes in the field and ensures accurate coverage with minimized skips and overlaps. Utilize one of the many guidance patterns available to reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency and choose the level of correction that is right for you, ranging from WAAS (6- to 9-inch accuracy pass to pass) up through and including RTK and RTK+ (sub +/- 1 inch).

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New Holland IntelliTurn™ Automatic End of Row Turn Automation

Increase efficiency and decrease operator fatigue while using IntelliTurn™ for field preparation. IntelliTurn automatically guides the tractor while making turns, mimicking what an operator would do to maximize your infield efficiency and allow you to concentrate on the task. It features smart, intuitive setup, utilizing existing parameters for easy operation.

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Field Preparation

PLM™ Water Control

With PLM™ water control, you could increase yields by up to 25% and cut your farm’s water consumption by up to 30%. The field leveling technology facilitates land leveling and levee design for unsurpassed efficiency. Using the T9 Series tractors, you can create drainage solution packages that integrate survey data, analysis, design, installation and mapping to provide the most efficient drainage package. You can view field topographical data in 3D from any angle and exaggerate the vertical axis to visualize the shape and slopes of the field.

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ISOBUS Capability

Every T9 Series tractor with the IntelliView™ IV monitor is ISOBUS certified. That means that it has all of the ISOBUS capability that you need to run any brand of ISOBUS capable implement by simply plugging it in to the ISO 11783 plug in the back of the tractor.

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Data Management Solutions

PLM™ Viewer

This is a zero-cost package that enables you to read and write data such as client, farm and field names together with job data, including yield and coverage maps to popular precision farming devices.

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PLM™ Mapping

This is your core package for record keeping of fields, mapping and analysis. You can layer a variety of topographical and yield maps to establish yield performance, and compare these with average multiple-year maps to identify areas that deliver consistently high or low yields. You can also create variable-rate prescription maps using formulas based on soil types, together with yield or other maps. PLM Mapping allows you to create or edit guidance paths, and print reports for seeds varieties, restricted use chemicals, fertilizer usage, equipment maintenance and more.

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PLM™ Books

Access the profitability of field, livestock herds and equipment and print tax reports for both cash and accrual ledgers. If you want to keep up to date with the inventory for supplies, seeds, chemicals, fertilizer, feed, harvested crops and livestock, then you’ve just found out how!

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PLM™ Connect Telematics

PLM™ Connect keeps you connected with your equipment and your operation, providing you with real-time information for making decisions on the go. You can remotely monitor detailed machine information and communicate with your operators in real time, improving fleet utilization, productivity and efficiencies. You can receive maintenance alerts or a fault code alert if a problem occurs. Partner with your New Holland dealer to proactively prevent maintenance issues, or quickly resolve issues in the field, ensuring that your machines stay running during the most critical times. Choose between PLM Connect essential or PLM Connect professional depending on your operational needs.

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Wireless remote file transfer

Imagine if you could see every machine’s operating data from the comfort of your office. Well, now that dream is reality with the optional PLM Connect Data Transfer available within the PLM Connect professional package. Data is now transferred instantaneously from the field to the office and back again, which eliminates the need for you to visit every machine and exchange USB sticks and data cards. This saves you precious time and fuel, and means you respond to changing conditions as they occur.

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