Hydraulics And Hitch


TS6 series tractors provide ample flow to handle demanding implements. The dual pump, open-center hydraulic system comes standard with a 13-gpm implement pump. If you need more flow, the system can be enhanced with an additional 9-gpm auxiliary pump. A 9-gpm steering pump is dedicated solely to your tractor’s steering, which means that it will remain uncompromised when using implements.

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TS6 series tractors come standard with two closed-center deluxe rear remotes with flowing controls and adjustable dents, giving you the ability to manage the tractor’s flow to the implement. If additional remotes are required, you can equip your tractor with four closed-center deluxe rear remotes to run multiple hydraulic operations at once. All hydraulic levers are located to the right of the operator for ease of use. The rear remotes are color coded for simple implement hookup and operation.

All transmissions are synchronized, allowing you to shift on the fly. The new column-mounted shuffle lever provides fingertip control for direction changes, while gear and range selection levers are comfortably located to the operator’s right. Additionally, you can tailor the transmission to the task at hand with a high speed, 25 MPH (40 KPH) option or a 4-speed creeper option for the ultimate selection- of slower speeds.

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You can handle heavy three-point-mounted implements with ease. The standard 3,600-pound lift capacity is a great match for most implements. Select one optional lift to increase lift capacity to 5,400-pounds when handling heavier implements. If you need even more lift power for extremely heavy implements, add two optional lift rams to increase your lift capacity to an impressive 7,200 pounds. No matter how heavy the implement, the standard telescoping stabilizers and flexible link ends provide easy hook up to any 3-point hitch tool. Additional fine tune adjustments to raise and lower the 3-point to hook up the implement can be done from the rear of the tractor with the optional external 3-point control. Controlling the rear hitch and draft control is also a breeze, with control levers located comfortably on the operator’s right in front of the rear remote control levers.

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