PLM™ Drone


PLM™ Drone

Take Your Operation to New Heights with PLM Drone Data Management

When it comes to making effective, cost-saving decisions for your operation, PLM Drone Data Management gives you the tools needed to make timely agronomic decisions. PLM™ Drone Data Management is New Holland’s drone solution that includes everything your customers need to assess the health of their crop in a complete UAV and software package. Simply put, this drone data offering provides timely data to support agronomic decisions. PLM™ Drone Data Management is comprised of a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, as well as flight planning and map processing software powered by DroneDeploy. The software utilizes the Phantom 4 Pro’s built in RGB camera to create imagery that allows the grower to view problem areas in the field. Additionally, the software incorporates many imagery analysis tools and intuitive flight planning features for any entry-level drone flyer. The flight planning and analysis tools can be configured in a single easy to use app, which is available for most smart phones and tablets.

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