Assisted Steering: IntelliSteer™ LITE


Assisted Steering: IntelliSteer™ LITE

IntelliSteer Lite Assisted Steering

• The IntelliSteer Lite system offers an affordable guidance solution that is compatible with the IntelliView™ III & IntelliView™ IV displays.
• For a complete package, pair the IntelliSteer Lite system with the PLM Cygnus – A Receiver, a mid-range receiver running New Holland’s correction signals PLM 1 and PLM 2.
• IntelliSteer Lite also fills the aftermarket requirement for an assisted steering solution that can also be integrated to work alongside a customer’s existing IntelliView display and an NH262 or NH372 receiver they may already have in their New Holland or competitive vehicles.
• IntelliSteer Lite utilizes the same Precision Farming & Guidance software within the display as IntelliSteer, resulting in a common user interface for guidance operations such as guidance patterns, guidance adjustments (Nudge, Remark, Aggressiveness, etc.), data storage, mapping, & other commonly used functions.

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Available through CNH Industrial Parts & Service

IntelliSteer Lite system kits available for select New Holland and competitive machines.

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