PLM Cygnus™ A


PLM Cygnus - A


• The PLM Cygnus-A dual frequency receiver is a mid-range upgrade-able receiver to support applications such as Yield Mapping and IntelliSteer LITE.
• This receiver utilizes GPS and GLONASS satellites with its position smoothing feature for a reliability.
• Lower Cost Receiver Option for IntelliSteer LITE (Not compatible with Integrated IntelliSteer guidance).
• Stand- Alone Application for 3rd party displays and/or Applications, with NMEA export.
• RTK Fill is an RTK fallback service that allows continued operation of the Cyngnus-A receiver for up to 20 minutes when the RTK corrections are disrupted due to a dropped cellular connection or other source of interruption.
• When an active subscription to RTK Fill is present, the receiver will gradually transition to using a PLM 2 correction signal for continued operations for a period of up to 20 minutes, maintaining the PLM 2 correction accuracy of +/- 5 cm for the duration of the outage.

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