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Versatile, non-aggressive and long-lasting.




​Versatile, non-aggressive and long-lasting: Actioil A550 treatment is a one-stop solution for the treatment of diesel engines.



  • Engines protected, performance and consumption restored
  • Corrosion-free tanks
  • Fuel with its original properties conserved

By working in close contact with New Holland and thanks to constant innovation, the AMBRA brand was developed.




By working in close contact with New Holland and thanks to constant innovation, the AMBRA brand was developed. It gives you:

  • Exclusive technical specifications for AMBRA New Holland products. For AMBRA Mastergold HSP 15W-40 this is NH 330 H. These specifications mean that the AMBRA lubricants have been designed specifically for New Holland, tested and approved by New Holland.
  • Recommendation can be found in the Owner's manual.

The AMBRA New Holland oil range includes a complete series of lubricants and operating fluids:
Engine oils - transmission oil -specific axle oils - hydraulic oils - brake fluids - greases - protective fluids for radiators.

Using the right product for each New Holland application is important as it makes it possible to rationalise maintenance schedules and any associated costs, with advantages also in programming machine down times.

Our radios are especially designed for agricultural activities which demand reliability and sturdiness.




Our radios are especially designed for agricultural activities which demand reliability and sturdiness.

Key Benefits
Backup Memory: In case of battery cut-off, the back-up memory function will keep your preselected stations in memory (FM/MW/LW).
Sturdy design: Our radios are designed using our own specifications in order to obtain a better resistance to dust and shocks.
Anti-shock memory: Our CD radios have an anti-shock memory in order to avoid shipping when the machine is jarred or bumped.
Low profile: Some of our radios have a reduced depth of 90mm so they can be installed in tight cabins.





  • Specially designed to meet the specification requirements of the balers.
  • Ensure top baling results in terms of bale coverage and density.
  • Top products which meet the demand of the end user for a trouble free baler and consistent baling results.
  • After sales support to resolve any difficulty integrating the packaging of the product in the machine once it has been incorporated

Crop Packaging 




Front Linkage:

  • Integrated Design : Through the front linkage system, the front linkage becomes an integral part of the tractor.
  • Solid construction : Manufactured from high-quality components and materials.
  • Complete range with various lift capacities.
  • Easy mounting system.

Front PTO:

  • Custom made for all tractors.
  • ECON-system with a 60 degree free turn to make the coupling of the implement easy.
  • High power output with oil cooler for optimum temperature control (6 cylinder models).
  • An adjustable proportional engagement system that guarantees a long life for implements.
  • Easy maintenance, making the replacement of a V-belt simple.


The following accessories are available:

  • Accumulator
  • Front double acting service lines
  • Front weights
  • Weight Carrier
  • Chain support
  • Light Kit
  • EFC (Electronic Frontlift Control)
  • Position Limiting Kit
  • Lowering speed adjustment kit
  • Implement "A" frame

For the following New Holland models Zuidberg has a front linkage and PTO in the program:
NH TC-D et TC-DA / NH BOOMER 3000/ NH TC-E / NH T3000/ NH TN-N et TN-NA Super steer/ NH T4000N Super steer/ NH TN-F et TN-FA Supersteer/ NH T4000F Super steer/ NH TN-S et TN-SA Supersteer/ NH TN-D et TN-DA/ NH TD4000F/ NH TD5000 / NH TL et TL-A/ NH T5000/ NH TS / NH TSA Standard steer et Super steer/ NH T6000 Standard steer et Super steer/ NH M-60 series/ NH TM Standard steer et Super steer / NH T7000 Standard steer (OEM or DIA-kit)/ NH T7000 Super steer/ NH TVT/ NH T7500/ NH TG / NH T8000/ NH LM TELEHANDLER.





  • Screws, screw accessories
  • Connecting and fastening technology
  • Chemical products
  • Hand, electrical and pneumatic tools
  • Electrical and sanitary products
  • Industrial safety
  • Automotive small parts
  • Furniture and construction fittings

Anchor technology, direct assembly and fire protection.
Key Benefits

  • World market leader in the trade with assembly and connecting materials
  • Wide product range with more than 100.000 products
  • High quality products
  • Local warehouses in 84 countries and more than 850 locations in Europe ensure fast delivery of the products
  • Direct selling: Over 28,000 sales representatives visit more than 300,000 customers every day
  • Innovative services for the C-Parts; like storage systems, tool costs management
  • Customised logistic and service solutions






Sparex agricultural product range covers a diverse range of commodities which fulfil any dealer, mechanic or repair shop requirements. Whether a universal or a specific product, the Sparex range covers all agricultural applications, complementing the New Holland Original parts product range.

Sparex also distributes a complete range of replacement parts, with a very comprehensive All-Makes offer on equipment from current production tractors to models older than 30 years.

In addition, Sparex offers a comprehensive All-Makes range of all seasons wearing parts, including Loader Tines, Plough Parts, Cultivation Parts, Hay Tines and others...

Over the years, Sparex have developed a very strong merchandising programme, which includes an in-depth study of dealers parts shop potentials, lay-out proposals, a large product offer and the provision of a full range of retail display material, selected by CNH as part of its European New Holland Brand Identity Concept.


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