Make tall hayfields look like close-cut lawns

Close cutting is standard with the MowMax™ II disc cutterbar. How close? Less than one inch, which can make your tallest hayfields look like close-cut lawns. Want to cut higher? Easily adjust cutting height hydraulically on-the-go from ¾ to 2-¾ inches with standard skid shoes, or set the tilt limiting pin at a preset height you prefer. The large disc design means less stubble damage and provides more consistent stubble height, leaving less valuable crop behind.

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Commercial durability for larger haying operations

Originally developed for the Durabine™ heads used on Speedrower® self-propelled windrowers, this rugged MowMax II cutterbar version features the same true modular design, heavy-duty gears and bearings. It is also combined with unique interconnecting shafts and special 24.3-inch tapered skirt discs for superb cut quality and maximum durability. The interconnecting drive shafts are upgraded from prior models to a larger diameter to improve power transfer and simplify the cutterbar drive. Precision-cut spline ends and heat treatment provide a snug fit between each disc module. The full width of the cutterbar is protected by heavy-duty, cast rock guards for ample protection.

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The benefits of big disc cutting

A larger disc diameter allows for closer cutting with a shallower cutterbar angle, providing a more consistent cutting height with less scalloping. The increased surface area of the larger discs and the “tapered skirt” disc profile provide a smoother transition of crop to the conditioner— even without crop lifters—for more uniform conditioning and reduced power consumption.

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Reduced crop convergence

Converging disc modules have been eliminated on the Discbine® 313 and reduced to just one pair on each end of the Discbine 316. Crop flows directly to the conditioner, which means cleaner cutting on the ends and more uniform conditioning. Whether you’re mowing alfalfa, clover, orchard grass, timothy, Bermuda grass, Bahia grass, fescue, cereal rye, forage wheat or oats, Discbine Series 313 and 316 center-pivot models harvest crops quickly and produce nutritious, high-value feed using your choice of conditioning systems. Both models are available with the choice of gentle, effective conditioning with rubber chevron-intermeshing or steel chevron intermeshing rolls for abrasive crops. The Discbine 313 is also available with LeaningEdge™ flail tines for fast grass hay drying. No matter the system, each offers fast, infinite adjustments to conditioning intensity to match crop and weather conditions.

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WideDry™ conditioning systems ensure fast crop drying

New Holland’s WideDry™ conditioning systems are over 22% wider than the conditioning systems on previous models. This results in a thinner crop mat that feeds smoothly through the conditioning system. Uniform conditioning aids in faster drying in the field. The crop transitions more smoothly from the cutterbar to the conditioning system, reducing crop feeding issues, particularly in thick grasses, cane, and other high-volume crops.

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Cleaner cutting with a slower roll speed

Roll conditioning systems generate air movement that can blow lighter crop away from the cutterbar and adversely affect cutting quality. To help prevent this, you can slow roll speed from 750 rpm to 640 rpm by switching the sheaves on the roll drive. The decreased roll speed minimizes air bursts while maintaining cutterbar speed to provide excellent light crop cut quality.

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The Discbine 313 and 316 allow you to lay down a wide swath for more sun exposure and better natural drying. Wedges are mounted on the rear swath board to help spread the crop mat. Customize your windrow and swath formation using the longer, adjustable windrow shields and the adjustable swath gate. A new spring-assist lever makes it easy to change swath gate position, and rubber flashing prevents swath gate material buildup.

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Clean cutting with even better protection

Improved header suspension geometry contributes to more responsive flotation. The innovative header linkage allows the header to move up and rearward to dissipate force if you encounter an obstacle. To provide for free flotation of the head, the flotation springs are anchored to the trail frame with a balljoint to reduce binding as the header moves through its full flotation range.

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Ultimate reliability with less maintenance

The 313 and 316 feature a swivel-style hitch, heavy-duty gearboxes for power transfer, and well protected drivelines with turn bumpers that simplify maintenance and leave the top of the header uncluttered. Power is transferred from the front swivel gearbox to a second swivel gearbox at the rear of the tongue, so the drivelines never swing and remain in perfect alignment. Only the driveline extending from the second swivel box to the header drive bevel gearbox extends and retracts as the header is raised and lowered. All U-joints are easily accessible for servicing, and the lube interval is extended to 50 hours, so you spend less time on maintenance.

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Fast, worry-free headland turns

Featuring big center-pivot productivity and swift headland turning, the Discbine 313 and 316 are equipped with a swivel style hitch. Compared to traditional hitches that pivot on the drawbar, the pivoting action of a swivel hitch is moved rearward, behind the PTO at the swivel gearbox. No matter how sharp the turn, the PTO will remain straight. This virtually eliminates PTO wear and there is never a risk of a collision between the PTO and tractor lift arm. This highreliability swivel hitch option is available with your choice of drawbar or two-point attachment.

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Better access for simple maintenance

New Holland makes it extremely easy to reach the cutting discs and drive components on every Discbine 313 and 316 disc mowerconditioner. Poly bifold upper shields are light, foldable and easy to lift, and they’re more impact-resistant to dents from foreign objects. The driven-end access steel door is double layered to resist denting in that area, too. Material overlap keeps curtains in place without the need for clips or magnets.

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