Baler Solutions: IntelliCruise™


Baler Solutions: IntelliCruise™


IntelliCruise™ allows the baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of the tractor

Charge control

• Tractor speed is adapted to achieve optimum capacity.
• The time needed to fill the feeder channel and stuffer sensor paddles is used as an indication how much crop yield is going into the bale at each stuffer stroke.
• Functionality: algorithm uses (existing) feeder channel trip sensor input (charge sensor).

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Slice control

• Tractor speed is adapted based on slice thickness. The system will strive to obtain a user defined amount of slices.
• Functionality: algorithm uses electronic bale length encoder input (bale length sensor).
• Availability: All Big Baler units with electronic bale length kit.

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Key Features

• Improves productivity: Up to 9% more throughput (Ton/hour) compared with inexperienced or fatigued operator when using Charge Control (Confirmed in Product Validation testing in straw and silage).
• Reduce Fuel consumption: Up to 4% total improvement in total fuel efficiency savings (Confirmed in Product Validation testing in straw and silage).
• Two adaptable modes: Charge Control and Slice Control.
• Improve operator comfort and concentration on other operations.

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