Combine Solutions: Yield & Moisture Mapping & Logging

Combine Solutions: Yield & Moisture Mapping & Logging


Combine Yield & Moisture Mapping & Logging

New Holland yield monitoring systems enable you to view real time yield and moisture data, and track the performance of different varieties and hybrids, helping make informed decisions for improving bottom-line profits.
The exclusive patented, high accuracy yield sensor developed by New Holland is recognized as best in class. Its design neutralizes the rubbing effect of grain. Whatever the kind, the variety or the moisture content of the kernel, the sensor generates an extremely accurate yield measurement. Once you initially calibrate your sensor at the beginning of the season, no further intervention is required.

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Real Time Combine Moisture Sensing

New Holland’s moisture sensor measures grain moisture in real time.
Samples are taken every 30 seconds and the data is sent to the IntelliView monitor.
As the information is delivered in real time, the operator is kept continually informed and can adapt machine parameters accordingly. For the most accurate readings, sensor calibration is required for each different crop type.

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Key Features

• Monitor the variability of my yield across my farm to better manage my production inputs.
• Real time yield and moisture to stay continually informed and adapt machine parameters accordingly.
• Utilize previous years' yield data to customize next years planting.

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