PLM Cygnus™

PLM Cygnus™



The new PLM Cygnus provides state-of-the-art technology unmatched in  Precision Agriculture.

PLM Cygnus receiver features the latest technology and features as a result of continuous research and development in the field of GNSS and precision farming. This technology translates into a series of specific features that provide meaningful benefits to the farmers. Technology is only meaningful for the farmer when it reduces cost of operation in the field and it increases the profit of the operations in the field - and when the PLM Cygnus is combined with the IntelliSteer system on PLM Intelligence tractors it does exactly that.

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Farmers have different needs in terms of accuracy and guidance performance and the PLM Cygnus receiver provides a flexible offering of accuracy levels to satisfy these needs. The following correction levels are available to use with the PLM Cygnus reciever:

• PLM1
• PLM2
• PLM3

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PLM CYGNUS has a fully integrated architecture with The inertial measurement unit (IMU) integrated in the GNSS antenna. This provides accurate position, velocity and heading data independent from GNSS and it also provides terrain compensation to ensure accurate autoguidance in all terrain.

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