A flat or faulty battery delays you from starting the day, which costs you time and money. An agricultural machine purchase is based on reliability and plant equipment batteries have been built to suit agricultural environments that need to handle:

  • Vibration - the number one killer to all batteries. Extended vibration can crack battery welds and plates, causing electrical shorts.
  • Temperature - When it is hot, batteries discharge more and sulfation is more likely to occur. In cold situations chemical reactions are delayed, restricting power production when it is needed most.
  • Periods in storage - Agricultural machines are generally used seasonal which results in extended periods in storage.

When purchasing a battery you need to make sure you consider your machines specific power needs, ensure your battery has enough Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and it has a sufficient reserved capacity.

Your local dealer is able to talk with you about your battery, kick starter and charger needs.


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