Great Prices and Comprehensive Coverage

With a comprehensive range of part numbers available, you’ll get the right part for the job – all backed by the New Holland quality guaranteed at the most competitive prices in the market.

  • High quality aluminium pistons with Ni-resistant inserts, ensuring long piston and ring life
  • Moly-coated compression rings for maximum wear and resistance
  • Oil control rings are chrome faced for long life and excellent oil control
  • Complete, high quality gasket sets include tough, leak-free Teflon crankshaft seals

Our engine pistons are made from the finest quality of aluminum with Ni-resist inserts, ensuring that your piston and ring last a longer life. All compression rings are Moly-coated for maximum wear resistance to last longer. With our oil control rings, they are chrome faced for an extended life and excellent oil control. Completed with a high quality gasket set that includes long lasting and leak-free Teflon crankshaft seals.


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A unique feature of these kits is that the rings are installed on the pistons and the pistons are already inserted into the sleeve, reducing possible shipping damage and ring installation problems. Simply tap the piston down, install the rod with the wrist pin, add snap rings and insert into the engine bore.

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We expect our range to eventually offer you more than 5,000 different part numbers, making it the most comprehensive engine overhaul kit program in the market.

With the abundance of part numbers, New Holland covers the various combinations of:

  • Engines
  • Serial number breaks
  • Bearing sizes
  • Piston sizes


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Our new kits are comprised of premium components from the same reliable supplier that we have used for years. At New Holland we thrive to benchmark the fastest moving kits against all our competitors pricing.

Contact your local New Holland dealer to find out more about our engine kits for your tractors and harvest parts.

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