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• Consistently high bale quality and high productivity
• Rugged and reliable, designed for heavy livestock and contract users
• Easy and intuitive operation
• Distinctive New Holland design provides excellent accessibility

New Holland Agriculture launched the new Roll Baler 125 and Roll Baler 125 Combi at Innovagri. The two models, which have been completely restyled to offer excellent service access, have been extensively renewed and upgraded to meet the requirements of the most demanding contractors, livestock and mixed farmers.

Rod Gardner, National Sales Manager, New Holland Hay & Harvest, said: “The new Roll Baler models are designed to operate in a wide range of conditions, delivering consistently high bale quality even when working with heavy grass, dense hay or large dry, brittle straw swaths. The new models dramatically increase performance in bale quality, durability, reliability and ease of operation and share many advanced features with the Roll Baler 135 Ultra that is in a class of its own.”

Consistently high bale quality and high productivity
The Roll Baler 125 models feature the latest pick-up, which was introduced on the BigBaler and Roll Belt balers. At 2.3 m, it is 300mm wider than in the previous model. The five tine bars with double cam drive and the adjustable suspension deliver ultimate feeding capacity and best-in-class pick up efficiency. The improved roller windguard, also adopted from the BigBaler range, ensures perfect feeding of very small or heavy windrows and is available with a choice of removable fixed or swivel wheels. That can be stowed on the pick-up for transport, and remains under 3m wide when the pick-up wheels are installed.

The new models feature a new drop floor which is operated from the comfort of the tractor cab. The unique pivot design lowers the floor by 120mm at the front and 60mm at the rear, making it far easier and quicker to clear a blockage without any losses. The knives lower automatically when the drop floor is lowered. The optional rotor declutch system ensures fast unplugging even in extreme conditions.

The operator can manually select the option of operating with 10 knives or the full 20, switching from the two settings without having to stop for sharpening. The consequent reduced service time results in greater productivity. As the bale nears completion, the knives can be retracted for the final layer, leaving a smoother surface and improving the bale’s integrity for wrapping. When not in use, the knives are automatically raised every time the bale chamber is opened. This action ensures the self-cleaning of the knives bank.

The all-new advanced roller design with 10 notches reduces crop losses in dry conditions and provides a perfect grip in all conditions, ensuring superior bale density every time.

The new film wrap on the Roll Baler 125 Combi (also featured on the Roll Baler 135 Ultra) is unique to New Holland: it has a positive hydraulic feed that can be set to pre-stretch the film to ensure a tight, secure and reliable wrap every time thanks to the bundle arms. The system works with plastic or net with a roller up to 1400mm wide, and three rolls can be carried on board.

The wrapper speed is 20% higher than in the previous model, dramatically increasing productivity. The result is a consistently perfect bale shape, proven improvement in the quality of silage, fewer layers of wrap required as the same material wraps and seals, and it’s easier for transport and storage. The system can also operate with a combination of film and net, resulting in greater versatility.

On the single Roll Baler New Holland introduces the Duckbill™ net wrapping system, which is 20% faster; easy net loading from the side with one active and two stock rolls; and over-the-edge net wrapping.

Rugged and reliable, designed for heavy livestock and contract users
The new Roll Baler models are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of large livestock and heavy contract users. They are designed and built to work with heavy grass, dense hay and forage crops. They bale dry straw, gather irregular swaths and cope with difficult terrain.

The high-strength chassis handles difficult ground conditions with ease and requires less maintenance during the year. The heavy-duty sprockets and chains withstand the high forces from wet grass and reduce maintenance costs. Automatic oiling and greasing are standard on these machines and result in increased uptime, as maintenance is guaranteed. The durable lubricated plain bearings are designed for difficult and heavy conditions. The robust feeding rotor made of Hardox® 400 material delivers a perfect cutting and conveying performance.

Easy and intuitive operation
The new Roll Baler models have a host of features that simplify operation and make it intuitive. The adjustable drawbar is designed to allow high and low hitch positions and fitted with a repositioned double speed jack that speeds up attaching and removing the baler. Different hitch types can be selected.

The Roll Baler 125 models have full ISOBUS connectivity to be compatible with tractors and can be specified with a New Holland IntelliView™ IV monitor. The baling process is completely monitored on the large colour touchscreen, where key functions such as density setting adjustment can be controlled.

Distinctive New Holland design provides excellent accessibility
The new Roll Bar models feature New Holland’s latest styling. The new design and construction of the shielding provides perfect service accessibility. With the new shielding the 10 plastic rolls are fully covered, it is easy to load and the storage box pivots for better accessibility when required for maintenance.

New Holland is imported in New Zealand by C B Norwood Distributors Ltd.

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