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PALMERSTON NORTH – (2nd November 2018) – New Holland Agriculture is excited to introduce the new Braud 9000 series to its comprehensive portfolio of self-propelled grape harvesters. Featuring the 9090L and 9090X, the new line-up pairs the trusted Braud best-in-class harvesting with innovative new features designed to deliver high-quality, clean grapes to the world’s top vineyards.

“We are proud to build on the Braud legacy in grape harvesting to bring the next series of harvesters to market for professional vineyards,” said Rod Gardner, New Holland Brand Manager for New Zealand. “The new Braud 9000 series maintains the proven, industry-leading features like the Noria crop transportation system, the Shaking Dynamic Control system, and the premium Opti-Grape™ cleaning system, while introducing new features, such as the side conveyer with destemmer, designed to increase efficiency and productivity for wine growers in high yielding vineyards.”

Productivity Enhancements
The nation’s highest-yielding vineyards will benefit from the new Braud 9090X model, which offers a configuration option including both a sidearm conveyor and a destemmer for maximum in-field productivity. The largest model in the line-up, the 9090X is a fit for vineyards with row spacing of 2.45m and wider. The sidearm conveyor allows the harvester to work continuously, without having to stop to unload the hoppers.

Add the optional SOCMA patented destemmer which eliminates 99.56% of harvest impurities, or MOG (material other than grapes). Removing MOG in the field delivers cleaner, premium grapes to the winery, saving time and labour while improving wine taste and quality.

The washing process now features wireless remote-control convenience to provide effective, time-saving washing. The picking head wash time is reduced by a unique pre-washing system featuring a strategically positioned water supply pipe, nozzles positioned to key areas, and fewer debris accumulation areas.

Options for Precision Farming
Intelligent and intuitive automation saves time and enhances harvesting performance. The IntelliView™ IV colour touchscreen monitor is fixed on a sliding rail which can move up and down the cab pillar to a position where the operator is comfortable. When compatible multifunction implements are connected, the IntelliView IV monitor automatically sets work pages for easier control and management of the machine.

The optional Row Tracking System (RTS) system uses GPS technology to map the rows on the IntelliView IV monitor, displaying harvested rows, missed rows and overlaps. Especially useful during night work and spraying applications.

Power and Comfort
Braud harvesters are powered by ultra-efficient FPT Industrial 6-cylinder Tier 3 common rail electronic engines providing 175 horsepower. FPT Industrial NEF engines require no EGR valve solution, as engine only breathes fresh clean air. As a result, engine power output is equivalent to higher horsepower competitors that use EGR valves.

Operators also have the benefit of working inside the industry-leading Braud cab. With the Blue Cab™ 4 filtration system for safety, an ergonomic multifunction handle to control the harvester, plus comfort-enhancing features such as Bluetooth® radio, auto air conditioning, and the newly released AutoComfort seat that includes heating and ventilation as standard, make the Braud cab the benchmark for the industry.

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