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​PALMERSTON NORTH – Brand President Carlo Lambro attended the seventh edition of the Agrievolution Summit, where he outlined the continuous technological evolution and increasing impact of New Holland’s specialized tractors and self-propelled grape harvesters on productivity.

The seventh edition of the Agrievolution Summit took place in Madrid and Valencia, Spain in early October 2019. The meeting was organised by Agrievolution Alliance, the international organisation working to promote the benefits of mechanization in global sustainable agriculture, and which is made up of 15 agriculture equipment manufacturing associations, representing over 6000 manufacturers from around the globe.

The Summit, which was divided into two sessions – a seminar dedicated to the mechanization of specialty crops and to education in the digital era, followed by a day of field demonstrations – was attended by representatives from agro-mechanical and agricultural associations, some of the leading global farming brands, UN organizations such as UNESCO and FAO, as well as high-level representatives from the academic, financial and Information & Communication Technology fields.

Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland, attended the meeting dedicated to the future prospects for the mechanization of specialty crops worldwide, where he made a presentation focused on two key themes. He gave an exhaustive overview of a farming sector that produces revenues of approximately USD 889 billion worldwide, compared to USD 745 billion generated by commercial cereal crops. At European level, while covering only 11% of arable land, it represents as much as 24% of the global value of the sector. He also highlighted the significant data relating to the 2000-2016 period, with a 20.5% increase in yields and the even higher increase in production of 24% -- both driven mainly by the increasing level of mechanization.

The second theme Lambro touched on concerns the long-standing tradition and continuous development of New Holland products dedicated to wine and fruit and vegetable production, with special reference to vineyard and orchard specialized tractors and self-propelled grape harvesters, two market sectors in which the brand is firmly world leader.

Lambro also explained how New Holland’s innovation in this field has promptly responded to changes in the industry. For example, as methods for planting vineyards have become increasingly geared towards higher density and yields per hectare, New Holland has modified its machines accordingly to meet the real needs of winegrowers and growers who demand more productivity, more safety, more comfort and more sustainability.

Carlo Lambro also highlighted how for crops where it will be necessary to reduce the cost of harvesting and increase profitability, New Holland expects an increasingly widespread use of harvesting machines that can adapt to very different fruiting areas of the plant with the activation of shakers at different heights and intensities, as the Braud New Holland grape harvesters adapted to harvest olives and blackcurrants are already doing with success. The evolution of agronomic data streams and technologies in precision farming will also play an important role in increasing yields, improving quality and ensuring maximum sustainability for the environment and the end consumer.

“We are the full-liner brand with the widest range of machines for all types of farming,” stated Lambro at the end of the event. “Specialization is in New Holland’s DNA and we will continue to guarantee our clients the specialised technological excellence they need. Thanks to events such as Agrievolution, the voice of all those operating in this sector, which is essential but also has huge growth potential, can finally be heard, loud and clear, all over the world”.

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