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​New Holland Agriculture was awarded three Silver Medals by the independent expert committee appointed by the DLG German Agricultural Society for innovations that improve operator comfort, raise productivity and reduce running costs in harvesting and baling operations.

Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President, stated: “We are very pleased with these awards, which are testament to New Holland’s approach to innovation, which is entirely focused on delivering practical benefits to our customers – in the daily use of their equipment, with superior comfort that reduces fatigue and contributes to higher productivity, as well as the overall efficiency of their operations and the profitability of their business.”

Driveline for high-density big baler – an industry first: increased productivity, improved comfort, tractor driveline protection
The unique driveline concept features a two-speed powershift start-up technology that delivers a smooth baler engagement with a 79% increase in torque. When the tractor PTO reaches 850 rpm, the auto-start feature engages the baler and automatically shifts from first to second gear, accelerating to a maximum flywheel speed of 1450 rpm – one of the highest in the segment. This assists the tractor PTO in starting the flywheel, protecting the tractor and baler drivelines. The larger flywheel, with diameter coming in at 1,100 mm, is significantly heavier and larger in diameter than on the BigBaler Plus model, and generates 2.3 times more energy, resulting in more comfortable and efficient baling.

A multi-plate brake with internal cooling, integrated in the gearbox, slows down the plunger and brings it to a stop when it reaches the optimum start position. It also serves as an emergency brake capable of bringing the plunger to a halt safely within eight seconds. Additional customer benefits include the service mode with slow driveline rotation and overload protection.

CX threshing system: lower running costs, improved grain quality, more comfort
The Silver medal recognises the innovations New Holland has introduced to further enhance the threshing performance of the CX combine proven four-drum threshing system, which features a 750mm-diameter drum. The new Ultra-FlowTM staggered drum design with offset rasp bars on the sectional drum achieves a smoother crop flow that results in higher capacity, reduces blockages and lowers in-cab noise, improving operator comfort. It uses 16% less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption, and increases the combine’s capacity, which can be as much as 10% higher.

The polyurethane-coated beater plates deliver significant improvement to grain quality, with up to 34% less grain damage compared to the standard configuration. The distance between the rotary separator and the concave of the Multi-ThreshTM system can now be controlled remotely from the cab, with stepless adjustments ranging from 20 mm to 60 mm. This enables the operator to adjust the clearance to maintain capacity throughout the day, resulting in increased daily productivity.

Baler control system for T7 tractor: improved comfort, higher output and 12% fuel savings
New Holland’s Baler Mode on its T7 Series ensures that a tractor and large square baler work in harmony, significantly reducing the pitching movement of the cab and the variation in engine speed. The T7 recognises that a baler is attached and activates a Baler Mode to its front axle suspension control logic, modifying its stiffness in line with the baler crop compression. This achieves an average 15% reduction in cab movement, resulting in greater comfort and lower fatigue for the operator.

The Baler Mode also acts on the Engine Speed Management, reducing speed variation during the baler cycle by 26%, resulting in a more consistent PTO speed with consequent improved output. The result is more comfort for the operator, higher productivity and a 12% reduction in fuel consumption through the baler cycle.

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