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​New Holland Agriculture won leading innovation awards at this year’s Agritechnica, the world’s leading agricultural trade show which runs from November 10 to 16 in Hanover, Germany.

The awards, conferred by a committee of experts appointed by the DLG German Agricultural Society, recognize leading technologies and new developments in the agricultural equipment and machinery sector. New Holland was awarded three silver medals for innovations in harvesting and baling operations.

New Holland’s industry-first driveline concept for its high-density BigBaler received a silver medal in recognition of its unique two-speed powershift start-up technology which delivers smooth baler engagement. Using a two-stage logic, this protects both the tractor and baler drivelines and, when combined with the baler’s significantly heavier and larger diameter flywheel, delivers more comfortable and efficient baling.

The second silver medal was awarded for innovations the brand has made to further enhance the performance of its CX combine harvester range’s four-drum threshing system. The new Ultra-Flow™ staggered drum design achieves smoother crop flow resulting in higher capacity, reduced blockages and less in-cab noise thereby improving operator comfort. It uses 16% less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption and increasing the combine’s capacity by up to 10%.

Silver medal recognition was also awarded to New Holland’s innovative ‘Baler Mode’ on the brand’s T7 tractor range. This technology significantly reduces the pitching motion of the tractor cab when working with large square balers, as the tractor automatically recognizes when the baler is attached and activates ‘Baler Mode’. This acts on the tractor’s front axle suspension – modifying stiffness in line with bale compression – reducing cab movement by up to 15% in the process. It also reduces variations in engine speed thereby leading to fuel savings of up to 12%.

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