Great manoeuvrability, improved traction, higher outputs

New Holland’s range of axles is engineered to perfectly match your requirements. All T6 tractors can be specified with structurally light but strong front axles to fully exploit a front loader or linkage. An overall maximum gross vehicle weight of 10500kg on all models, when combined with perfect weight distribution and efficient ballasting optimises traction and means you’ve got even more flexibility when using heavy mounted implements or when ballasting. All models benefit from a 2642mm wheelbase which ensures a 4300mm turning radius for ultimate manoeuvrability. All T6’s come with a robust 275mm flanged rear axle as standard. For operations looking for ultimate flexibility.

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CustomSteer™: variable ratio steering

The optional CustomSteer™ function available on Dynamic Command and Auto Command tractors, puts you in control of steering wheel inputs. Through the IntelliView™ monitor or via a dedicated switch, you can control just how many turns of the wheel are required to lock-to-lock functionality. If you want to conduct tight turns, say when turning on the headland or when conducting loader work, you can programme the tractor to deliver lock-to-lock turning with anything as few as one complete steering wheel revolution, instead of the standard four. Saving you time and effort.

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Terralock™ automatic traction management

New Holland’s renowned Terralock™ solution is simple to set-up and operate. It automatically manages the engagement of drive to the front axle, locking both the front and rear differentials. Forward speed and steering angle information dictate when the differential locks and, if required, four wheel drive disengages. Why? To guarantee the tightest turning circles and to reduce strain on the driveline.

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Terraglide, your comfort and stability partner

For maximum comfort at high transport speeds, choose the Terraglide™ front axle suspension system. How does it work? It cushions the operator from shocks when travelling over uneven surfaces. In the field the advanced suspension system maintains contact between the tyre and the ground to improve traction. It also features anti-dive and anti-squat logic which prevents excessive suspension movement when lifting heavy three point linkage implements. The integrated Comfort Ride™ Cab suspension provides up to a 25% reduction in shock loads reaching the operator. The result? Less fatigue over long working days, as whole body vibrations are significantly reduced.

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Intelligent Trailer Brakes

When a tractor and trailer are slowed by just the transmission and engine braking alone the momentum of the trailer will push against the tractor. This pushing force can cause instability, which may increase the potential risk of a jack knife situation, especially on steep gradients or low friction surfaces such as icy roads or grassland. The Intelligent Trailer Braking System senses the reduction in the tractor’s speed and calculates the deceleration force using a torque sensor within the transmission. An electronically controlled trailer brake valve then automatically applies the trailer brakes to reduce the trailer’s speed at the same rate as the tractor. No modifications are required to the trailed equipment.

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