Select the transmission geared for you

New Holland knows that every farm has different requirements, and that intelligent innovation also means offering tried and tested solutions to improve efficiency. The semi powershift Electro Command™ transmission offers clutchless gear changes to reduce fatigue, and gear shifting is taken care of for you with the addition of the optional Auto Modes. The latest addition to the Electro Command T6 range is the new 6 cylinder T6.160 model.

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Work together: automation, comfort and productivity

Auto Transport mode simplifies gear changing and reduces operator input during road work. It can even sense if the tractor is being pushed by a loaded trailer and holds the current gear to provide engine braking. Auto Field manages both the engine speed and transmission to optimize performance and economy in PTO and draft applications.

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Electro Command

The Electo Command™ semi-powershift transmission allows you to select eight gear speeds via up and downshift buttons on the control lever. The third button selects the range change. You can see the selected gear at a glance thanks to the large gear display. An additional direct drive 17th gear can be specified that allows either a 50kph transport speed or 40kph at reduced engine speed for reduced fuel consumption. The standard IntelliShift™ technology, improves the quality of the gear shift, automatically selecting the right gear for the job, giving you slick gear changes to improve your comfort and productivity.

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Efficient multi-function handle

You can now specify an ergonomic multifunction handle with Electro Command™ transmissions. This handle falls perfectly to hand and is ideal for operators who frequently change gears as you’ll no longer need to stretch. It also hosts front linkage and HTS II activation controls.

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Ergonomic Powershuttle

The column-mounted electro hydraulic Powershuttle can be operated without having to take your hand off the wheel for increased safety during loader work. You can even regulate the aggressiveness setting with an ergonomically positioned switch. Select soft for general field work, standard for daily tasks and the super aggressive position for near instantaneous direction changes during loader work. Want more? You can even change the setting whilst on the move.

Memory shuttle
The Electro Command features an innovative memory shuttle system that’ll save you money and speed up cycle times. First select the ratio you need in forward, shuttle and then shift to your desired reverse ratio. From now on, the tractor will automatically shuttle between your chosen forward and reverse gears. Simple.

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