Hydraulic power and PTO flexibility

Have you ever thought about just how much hydraulic flow you actually need? All Electro Command™ and Dynamic Command™ models are fitted with the traditional open centre hydraulic system as standard. Delivering 86 litres/minute, it is more than sufficient for the majority of farming applications. On Electro Command™ models, an optional 121 litres/minute CCLS pump is available rising to 150 litres/minute on Dynamic Command™ models that will power even the most demanding implements including specialist vegetable harvesters. Auto Command offers 150 litres/minute of flow as standard. If that wasn’t enough, New Holland has engineered the CCLS system to operate at peak efficiency. The benefit? Full hydraulic power is always available at the remote valves and linkage, but only as much as is needed. The result? Reduced fuel consumption. Regardless of how hard your Electro Command tractor is working, the steering will always remain light and easy to use, and loader cycle times remain uncompromised thanks to a separate 47 litres/minute service pump or optional 67 litres/minute pump when fitted with Class 4 front axle.

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Remote valves

The T6 range can be specified with up to four electronic or mechanical rear remote valves. Up to three mid mount remote valves to operate the front linkage or a loader are also available, and they are controlled via an ergonomic, fully integrated joystick in the cab.

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Even easier hydraulic connection

The hydraulic valve blocks are the rear of the tractor have been split in two to make it even easier when connecting hydraulic lines. The block on the left controls two sets of remotes and the block on the right controls two sets of remotes. In addition a 5th spool diverter and power beyond are also available. Simple. Intuitive. T6.

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Direct drive for fuel efficiency

All T6 tractors are fitted with a direct drive PTO to minimise power loss between the engine and the implement. The PTO is engaged via a push-pull control, with advanced Soft Start management. This modulates engagement of high inertia attachments to protect the driveline. Safety has been further enhanced with the inclusion of an intentional PTO switch, which must be selected to keep the PTO engaged when leaving the operators seat. Additional PTO options include Auto PTO which disengages PTO at pre-set rear linkage heights and a 540E/1000/1000E PTO option with an engine speed of a mere 1621 engine rpm to significantly reduce your fuel consumption.

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Electronic draft control

A single raise/lower switch makes it simple to lift and return an implement to work during a headland turn. How? New Holland’s ergonomic EDC is positioned just to your right, exactly where you need it, giving you ultimate precision. To fine-tune the system you can use the intuitive controls that are found underneath the armrest, precisely where you would expect them to be. You can even activate the HTS II functionality with your thumb at the touch of the ergonomically located button.

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Headland Turn Sequencing II and IntelliTurn™ system: hassle free repeatability

HTS II is available on models fitted with Electro hydraulic remotes. This intuitive system means you can easily record and store all implement sequences and operations at the headland. These can then be played back at the touch of a button. Now, it gets interesting. It’s even easier to modify pre-recorded sequences, so when things change, your HTS sequence does as well! If you want the ultimate in turning simplicity, combine this with IntelliTurn, the automated end of row turning functionality, which triggers HTS II when it reaches a preset distance from the headland, Two great ways to improve repeatability and efficiency as well as to reduce fatigue when working over extended periods.

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