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New Holland Wins SITEVI Gold Medal for Advanced Safety Features in Blue Cab 4 on Vineyard Tractors and New Grape Harvester Compact Range

• Gold Medal for Blue Cab 4 featuring the most advanced filtration system in the industry
• Honourable mention for PLM™ Connect for the vineyard

Both New Holland’s self-propelled grape harvesters and T4F/N/V orchard, narrow and vineyard tractors received the recognition of the SITEVI Innovation Awards jury panel, who bestowed the Gold Medal for the Blue Cab 4 and a Honourable Mention for the PLM Connect telematics system featured in these product lines.
“New Holland is the world leader in grape and olive harvesting and in specialist tractors,” commented Carlo Lambro, Brand President New Holland Agriculture. “That is because not only we have a long experience in the vineyard industry, but because we are always looking forward, searching for innovative ways of increasing our customers’ productivity, making their work easier and safer, all the while guaranteeing the highest quality harvest and gentlest handling of their vines – so important for them. Once again, with the Blue Cab4 and PLM Connect we have made further advances in providing our customers with innovative technologies to be successful in their business.”

Gold Medal for Blue Cab 4 featuring the most advanced filtration system in the industry
The Blue Cab 4 is an innovative cab concept designed around the safety and well-being of the operator. It features two filtration levels in one system: category 2 filtration and a category 4 filtering, closed loop cab pressurisation system. It is an intelligent system for grape harvesters that starts category 4 filtration automatically when a spraying unit is hitched and only when activated. The Blue Cab 4 also offers unique features, such as the patented auto air cleaning valve for purging the air in the cab before pressurisation and category 4 filtration starts, and the filter management system that keeps track of maintenance intervals and filter usage.
The Blue Cab 4 takes protection of the operator beyond what is required by EN15695-1 and -2 regulations, which only cover cab and filter classification respectively through laboratory testing: New Holland has also tested the filtration system’s durability and performance in the field. The Blue Cab 4 was tested on both tractors and grape harvesters for over 300 hours spraying, with more than 25 active substances in different field conditions.
In addition, to ensure the best levels of comfort for the operator, the Blue Cab 4 features an integrated automatic air conditioning system with its own ventilator to ensure air circulation within the cab.
The Blue Cab 4 is available now on the new compact range of grape harvesters and will become available on T4F/N/V tractors in 2016.

Honourable mention for PLM™ Connect for the vineyard
PLM Connect is New Holland’s telematics solution that connects the vineyard’s machines and makes the information they carry available on the manager’s computer or smartphone in real time. As the wine growing sector consolidates, with fewer vineyard businesses working larger areas, and the havesting season getting shorter, the need for efficiency has significantly increased; the application of telematics to the vineyard provides an effective solution.
PLM Connect enables the vineyard manager to be well connected with their operation, staying in direct contact with every unit in the fleet, so they know where they are at all times and can access all their information. They are able to import data captured by the machine’s sensors, such as fill level of the hopper, weight of harvested grapes, mapping of Anthocyanin, etc. This enables the manager to take informed decisions in every phase of the operation on the most efficient deployment of the fleet and the best use of resources, from workforce deployment to the logistics of the harvest or refuelling, as well as targeted harvesting according to grape maturity and quantity.

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