New Holland announces new Brand Ambassadors: Rugby champion Jessy Trémoulière and the New Holland Farming Simulator gaming Team

6 novembre 2022
New Holland announces new Brand Ambassadors
  • Jessy Trémoulière is New Holland’s newest Brand Ambassador: a French rugby union player, she was named Women’s 15s Player of the Decade by public vote and best woman rugby player in the world during 2018. She is a sports champion and a farmer with an equal commitment to both roles in her life.
  • The New Holland Farming Simulator team is leading Season 4 of the Farming Simulator League competitive circuit, where Agriculture meets Gaming.
  • Following its sponsorship of the Giro d’Italia, New Holland extends its links to high-level competitors in the sports and gaming worlds who share its values of authenticity, passion, and leadership.

New Holland revealed today at the SIMA exhibition in Paris its new Brand Ambassadors: French rugby union champion Jessy Trémoulière and leading gaming team of Farming Simulator.

On the eve of the Rugby World Cup 2023, New Holland appoints a special ambassador from this world: Jessy Trémoulière is an experienced, passionate and determined sports champion– and a farmer. Born in 1992 in Beaumont, France, she grew up on her parents’ farm in Barlières, a small town close to Bournoncle-Saint-Pierre, Haute Loire. She started playing rugby at 16 and was a member of the French team that won the Six Nation Championship in 2014. The same year, she played in the Women’s 15s Rugby World Cup in 2014, when the French team won third place.
She is currently busy with the participation to the Women’s Rugby World Cup, taking place in New Zealand until November 12th, 2022, a competition where historically the French Team has always ranked among the best performing teams.

This champion is equally dedicated to farming, which is her heritage and her livelihood. She is a powerful woman who deploys her strong leadership skills in the worlds of rugby and farming – a perfect ambassador for the New Holland brand and for the many women who work in agriculture around the world.

The agriculture sector is experiencing a shift in many areas, including an increasing diversity in the type of farmer: younger, more resilient, more willing to invest in technology to support their business, with an increasing entrepreneurial approach. The presence of women is also growing: they are experienced farmers, who more than others support sustainable and innovative agriculture. This is another reason why New Holland is proud to have a brand ambassador like Jessy Trémoulière to represent the company internationally.

Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture, said: “Jessy Trémoulière is a perfect match for New Holland. We share the values of determination, teamwork and a constant striving for excellence. What’s more, as an experienced farmer, she has strong links with the world of agriculture, and she is a proponent of sustainable farming. By naming her as a Brand Ambassador, we also wish to put the spotlight on the strong community of farming women, universal representatives of modern agriculture and its evolution.”

Jessy Trémoulière’s family farm is certified Bio (organic) since 2010. The crops grown on the farm are used to feed the 180 animals, of which 50 are cows, who live on the farm : an excellent example of a circular economy in agriculture.

Trémoulière’s progress in her rugby career and on her farm will feature on New Holland’s social media channels, where she will be a special and frequent guest with contents and videos showing her everyday life in the farm working with her New Holland T6.145 AC tractor but also talking about her career as a female farmer and a sports woman.

Exploring the gaming world of Farming Simulator with the New Holland Team
New Holland is also sponsoring a team of Farming Simulator players, the “New Holland Team”. The gaming team brings together players from different backgrounds and with successful experiences in eSport as players, coaches, managers, and analysts.

These experienced players discovered the competitive world of Farming Simulator 19 four of team’s members participated in ZLAN 2021, a multi-gaming competition. The game was followed by more than 2 million people. Having enjoyed the game and its format, Loris "Titatitutu" Culas and Louis "Signys" Gestin decided to form a team called "Les Fermiers Flamboyants" and enter the game's competitive circuit: the Farming Simulator League.

The Farming Simulator series, in its fourth season this year, has its own Esports League, where teams face off in 15-minute competitive farming matches. It all started with Farming Simulator 17, in which hay bales were stacked as a form of entertainment for the audience at the fairs. The game was then converted into a solid and enjoyable E-sport: modern farming involves a high level of technology, and Farming Simulator is a perfect example. The New Holland Team will compete in the Farming Simulator League World Championship on November 19 & 20, 2022.

Sean Lennon, New Holland Vice President of Sales, said: “The choice of a young team of digital players as our company’s brand ambassadors is not by accident and it relates to the growing number of young people we see active in the agriculture sector. It’s something we experience everyday when we talk to our customers and dealers: everyone is more aware of the importance of technology and with new entrants to our sector, bringing a more attentive approach to everything digital.”

New Holland’s commitment to research, technology and innovation is a perfect match for the game, making Farming Simulator a natural choice for the brand. The latest release of the game features the most innovative and advanced New Holland products and technologies, in perfect alignment between the philosophy of gaming and modern agriculture. Finally, the New Holland Farming Simulator Team share the brand’s values, in competing to reach the number one position through teamwork and in their commitment to the objective.

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