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New Holland TD3.50 ROPS platform 4WD tractors have earned a reputation for dependable and versatile performance in the sub-50hp category. Combined with a proven record for low whole life operating costs, the TD3.50 is the tractor of choice for estates, small farms, dairy units and as a general workhorse across a wide range of enterprises. Designed to operate day in and day out with minimal demands for fuel and maintenance, a TD3.50 is the dependable small tractor choice. New Holland has now made the 48hp TD3.50 even better. Fitted with a new higher capacity FPT Tier 3 complaint engine, the TD3.50 develops the same nominal output as before but with a massive 40% hike in torque. And that is not all. The rear linkage has been redesigned and is even stronger, with lift capacity increased by a useful 750kg to a class leading 2,200kg. Other developments include improved ergonomics, a traditional ‘H’ gearshift pattern and the relocation of the reverse shuttle lever to the left of the steering wheel. By reducing the overall length, stability is improved too, the tractor having a longer wheelbase to enhance its performance when fitted with a front loader or heavy mounted attachment. With its stylish new look, greater torque, higher lift capacity, improved comfort and proven rugged build, the TD3.50 now offers even better performance and value. Just as you would expect from New Holland.

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Comfort and versatility come as standard

New Holland has responded to customer feedback, the new TD3.50 benefitting from a number of developments that make it easier to operate, more comfortable and further enhance its versatility. Not only is the tractor better able to handle heavy linkage mounted loads, it now has the benefit of improved ergonomics. This ensures operators using the tractor for small jobs, such as yard work, can get on and off the tractor quickly and easily. Those working for extended periods will appreciate lower noise levels and the improved layout of the controls. By developing considerably higher levels of torque, a TD3.50 is ideally suited to lighter field duties to include top dressing and topping, the operator having the option to operate at lower engine speeds to reduce noise and fuel consumption.

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Stylish new look

Designed to enhance forward visibility and to optimise engine cooling, the single-piece engine hood has distinctive New Holland style.

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