- Wide conditioning offering
- TopDry™ wide spreading
- TopSafe™ protection system
- Durable Cutterbar design


DiscCutter™ L and DiscCutter™ C trailed mowers

Two models of trailed disc mower are available. The off-set lateral DiscCutter™ L models, available with a 3.11 metre cut are equipped with a spring floatation system, which reacts to ground pressure for uniform cutting. The centre pull DiscCutter™ C models are available in 3.11 and 3.52 metre options and share the same spring flotation system technology with L models. Both L and C variants can be specified with three different types of conditioner, choose between PE finger, steel flail and rubber chevron rollers to suit your operation. In order to protect the mower, the TopSafe™ technology is engaged when the mower encounters obstacles, such as rocks.

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