New Holland Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator

New Holland is sponsoring a team of Farming Simulator players

The Farming Simulator series, has its own Esports League, where teams face off in 15-minute competitive farming matches. It all started with Farming Simulator 17, in which hay bales were stacked as a form of entertainment for the audience at the fairs. The game was then converted into a solid and enjoyable E-sport: modern farming involves a high level of technology, and Farming Simulator is a perfect example.

New Holland’s commitment to research, technology and innovation is a perfect match for the game, making Farming Simulator a natural choice for the brand. The latest release of the game features the most innovative and advanced New Holland products and technologies, in perfect alignment between the philosophy of gaming and modern agriculture. Finally, the New Holland Farming Simulator Team share the brand’s values, in competing to reach the number one position through team work and in their commitment to the objective.

The New Holland Team players discovered the competitive world of Farming Simulator 19, when they participated in ZLAN 2021, a multi-gaming competition. The game was followed by more than 2 million people. Having enjoyed the game and its format, Loris "Titatitutu" Culas and Louis "Signys" Gestin decided to form a team called "Les Fermiers Flamboyants" and enter the game's competitive circuit: the Farming Simulator League.

About the New Holland Team

The team is composed of different profiles with successful experiences in eSport. This diversity allows to have a complete set of skills and play efficiently.

They started playing together in 2021, taking part to their first competition in France under the name of "Les Fermiers Flamboyants", the flaming farmers. They never stopped playing and participated in two more tournaments, one online in July 2021 and the other in presence, in Bern - Switzerland, in October 2022.

Counting several hundred hours of training invested in the game, they decided to complete the team with experienced eSport players. The objective is to perform as much as possible in the qualifying tournaments and win the World Championship.