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New Holland Apps

Grain Cam Mobile

Use this app to calculate grain loss during harvesting and to optimally adjust your combine harvester.
Grain Cam™ Mobile makes this possible without laborious manual grain counting or weighing, which means combined adjustments can be made rapidly in response to correct any issues to minimize losses and maximize production. The loss level is determined by taking a picture of a small area right behind the combine. The app subsequently identifies and counts the number of kernels in that area and calculates the loss level as a percent of total yield and kilograms per hectare.
Winner of Bronze SIMA Innovation Awards.

New Holland Harvest Excellence

New Holland Harvest Excellence is the app that helps you set up and maximises your New Holland Combine Harvester performance to obtain the best results.

  • Set up your machine
  • Customize and save configurations
  • Calculate your harvest loss
  • Optimize and resolve issues

PLM® Academy App

The new PLM® Academy App gives you remote access to valuable tutorials and videos through your smartphone or tablet.

  • Remotely access tutorials, even while in your machine
  • Easy access for machine operators
  • On the job learning while in the cab or field
  • Videos and tutorials can be watched in `off-line' mode
  • Continuously updated content.